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Memorable Yacht Trip to Miami with a Yacht Video Production

As the cruise capital of the world, Miami attracts a large number of tourists all year round.

Memorable Yacht Trip to Miami with a Yacht Video Production

You can enjoy moments with family and friends, embark on a romantic sailing or motor yacht trip on the Biscayne Bay. There is a wide variety of places for every taste: from a relaxing seaside getaway to lively beaches where music and fun never stop. Some of the most prominent beaches include Haulover Beach, Sunny Island Beach (famous for its restaurants, theaters and nightlife) and Lummus Park Beach.

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Florida is considered the Sunshine State because summer never ends here. Miami and Fort Lauderdale have some of the most breathtaking beaches in the United States. Miami has many exciting destinations to explore, including the tropical village of Historic Coconut Grove and the stunning resort town of Miami Beach - its marina can accommodate boats over 60 meters. Renting a yacht in Miami Beach will help you quickly plunge into the atmosphere of an American resort city. Sailing from Crandon Park, you can explore the nearby Key Biscayne Islands, while the Miami River District and Downtown Miami are ideal for walking.

Miami's nightlife is renowned for its liveliness, with large parties taking place almost every day. If you're lucky, you might be invited to a superyacht party in Miami. This is the place to be during your autumn vacation: a good time to enjoy the sun, the beach and hanging out in Miami. The city also hosts extravagant events such as Music Week, Winter Music Conference and ULTRA Music Festival.

Also, traveling on a yacht is the best way to see several countries at once and see places that are not accessible to the average tourist. Especially when it comes to such paradise places as Bermuda, the Bahamas and, of course, Miami, which are rightfully considered one of the best regions for yachting.

The enclosed waters of Biscayne Bay, spectacular views of the city, coral reefs, kilometers of sandy beaches and mangrove forests attract thousands of sailors every year. You can sail along the coastline of luxurious villas of the rich and famous, which are not accessible to the general public, to Key Biscayne and Stittsville, an area of unique stilt houses built in the 1930s.

Andros Island is the third largest barrier reef in the world, with crystal clear sea and the richest variety of marine life. You can admire one of the most mysterious places in the Bahamas - the blue hole. There are as many as 50 such holes in the outskirts of Andros and they reach a depth of 400 meters, creating an amazing sight. The island of Andros is shrouded in many secrets and mystical legends. Locals believe in the Lusca monster, a mixture of an octopus and a dragon that lives in one of the blue holes in the Bahamas, which catches people and pulls boats.

Paradise Island is a private island once owned by Donald Trump. Travelers are attracted here by the famous Aquaventure water park and the huge Marine Habitat at Atlantis, as well as the world's largest reserve, shelter and rehabilitation center for dolphins and sea lions.

Royal is a lovely quiet island with a sheltered bay and kilometers of sandy beaches. Drop anchor and enjoy relaxing on the white sand, swimming in the clear azure waters, contemplating the underwater flora and fauna.

You can fish for tuna and marlin in Russell Island and cook the freshest sashimi on board the yacht! In the evening you can make a fire and have a barbecue party on the beach.

Wide snow-white beaches, azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the richest underwater world of coral reefs and a riot of colors of tropical nature will make you fall in love with these places once and for all.

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