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Lucky Charms for Rent

by Minte Stara 2 months ago in europe
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ep. 1 AtP- Lucky Charms: the new currency

Our story starts on a day like any other. Only I'm buying Lucky Charms to pay for my rent in Germany.

Come June 25th, I wont be in the United States anymore. From the beginning, I wanted to document what my travels would look like. The sprawling nature of what it would take to study abroad escaped me.

The first step was always working out how to get from studying in the USA to studying ... anywhere else. It's all about filling up my Summers and filling up my experience bar.

But there are a lot of steps. First was applying for Germany in Spring 2021. Now, clearly because I'm not writing about Germany sooner than now, that didn't work out. Covid-19 numbers sky-rocketed and I had to transfer my study abroad semester to half of a Summer semester in 2022. This time, in Prague, Czech Republic.

So, how did I get to buying Lucky Charms in Germany then, you might ask. Well, the Czech Republic is right below Germany and, since I have the freedom to travel anyway, it allows me to go up there to spend some time with a very dear friend of mine.

Now, her flat is small, very small, and I hate imposing on others for room and board without offering something in return.

Several weeks ago, I called her up and asked what she'd like in exchange for the use of her couch for a week and a half. I couldn't even get the words out before she shouted, "LUCKY CHARMS."

The exclamation was repeated several times as I confirmed that a box of marshmallow and sugar masquerading as cereal was actually what she wanted for rent.

In a gremlin voice, she was quit insistent that she wanted the "questionable marshmallows."

So a couple days ago, I went out and hit several stores to try and collect these delicious and devious treats. It was such an odd experience walking down the cereal aisle to get cereal which I never get. I debate the perfect cereal for rent. It's all so hard to choose - what size should I take, what flavor? Should it include a toy?

I'd brought a bag, but I still ended up getting a second. For a total of four boxes, it was about $20. For a week and a half rent, that's pretty good. But checking them out was deeply amusing. Down the conveyor belt they went, but reaching their destination results in a hurried explanation from me to the cashier that they don't have Lucky Charms in Germany and I'm getting them for my friend. It's a very quick laugh over that.

So I return home. It rains on the way back, so I protect the Lucky Charms with my hunched over body.

Can't have wet and soggy rent.

I leave for Prague in less than a month and a half, but I'll end up needing to keep the Lucky Charms with me for close to three and a half months. It fits in the upper half of my suitcase, where it protects the other gifts I will be bringing for my friend. Between then and now, while in Prague, they will likely server as something silly, like bookends for the singular book which I will bring, or as small shelves to rest even smaller items on. Either way, it will certainly be a conversation piece for any students which visit my dorms while in Prague. Then the Lucky Charms will make their long journey on a train, to their final destination in Potsdam. Quite a trip for suspicious marshmallows, if I do say so myself.


Welcome to the first of what I guess you could say is a travel blog? I'm going to call it Across the Pond (or AtP) for no other reason other than the fact its what me and my friend jokingly call the space between me and Europe. I'll be detailing my time traveling, pre-traveling, and post-traveling. Both to let me look back on the time and to let me share that experience with others. I hope it's humorous, insightful, or at the very least interesting.

~ Mint


About the author

Minte Stara

Small writer and artist who spends a lot of their time stuck in books, the past, and probably a library.

Currently I'm working on my debut novel What's Normal Here, a historical/fantasy romance.

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