Living in the UK - Why do I love it?

Reasons why I am still here and not back in France

Living in the UK - Why do I love it?
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Hi everyone, if you know me, you might know that I have moved from France to the UK for the first time about 4 years ago. And I love it. I moved back to France for a little bit in between, but nothing could take me away from the UK and I had to move back there. I just love it here. Just so you know, I don't live in London but in Kent (about 45 minutes train to central London). Here are all the things that I love about living in here and why I can't imagine living somewhere else - At least for a while.

The culture is so intresting. I love France and French culture, I'm not saying the opposite. But I have bathed in French culture all my life and learning about another culture is so much fun. I love history so learning about another country history is amazing. It's also fun cause France and England share a lot of history. After being enemies for many many years, it's great to see two different points of views.

The architecture is beautiful. There again, I am not comparing anything to France, everything is so different from one another. But I love English architecture. I feel like it has kept its style throughout the years. As I said a couple of paragraphs earlier, I live in Kent. And there are so many national trust places to visit with beautiful manor houses and all. And the little towns are just so pretty with all the cottages and beams buildings... Oh, I love it.

Kent is the Garden of England. True, England weather can be quite rainy. However, the country benefits from it with its gardens. The gardens are all oh so lush and green and beautiful. And during the summer it's not as rainy so you can enjoy those beautiful gardens and roses and all. I recommend coming to the UK in summer.

The food is actually pretty good. I have to say that before I moved to the UK I didn't know much about English food except black pudding, marmite and English breakfast. All I could hear was "English food is disgusting" Bla-Bla-Bla. Well... Those people haven't been to the right places. English food is amazing. Roasts, sausage rolls, and curries (also known as the national dish - Chicken Tikka Massala). Like anywhere, you just need to find the right place to go.

The people are kind. People are so nice here in the UK. Very polite and charming. And oh my god the accent is to die for. Just saying. That might or might not be one of the reasons I love my boyfriend so much.

The weather. As I said earlier, yes, England can be quite rainy. But not all the time and also probably less than movies show it. However, I don't mind the rain at all. It kind of part of the atmosphere. The cold, the knitted jumpers and the beanies. It's so cosy and warm. Especially with a hot chocolate to warm up your hands.

Christmas time is magical. I have to say, probably like a good amount of people, I love Christmas time. but Christmas in the UK is magical will all the light everywhere and the Christmas music and just the cold. I come from the south of France so it wasn't very very cold there so never the hope of waking up with a white Christmas. To be honest, the few Christmases I have had here, I have never had a white Christmas either, but at least it was very cold and fireplace worthy. And that makes it already magical.

The pubs are my favourite places. I LOVE PUBS. Not only because I enjoy a glass or two (and sometimes three) but also for the whole atmosphere or the old buildings and low ceilings and the fireplace... I just love it. And the food there, the Sunday roasts... so so sooooo yummy.

The festivals are awesome. Yes, during that coronavirus sh*t show, we didn't get any of those. But spring and summer are amazing in the UK because of all the festivals there are. Take Tunbridge Wells for example (the town where I live). They have cider and beer festivals, they have gin festivals, they have food festivals, they have street food festivals and they have local and live which is a free open-air music festival with a lot of local band playing. It is so much fun. There is also on Thursdays there is also Jazz in the pantiles. Where you can get a drink in the many restaurants/pubs on the pantiles and enjoy some live jazz music. Such a nice thing during those warmer days. Unfortunately, we didn't get to enjoy all that this year... Oh well.

Nature is so peaceful. I already said gardens but nature for me is a different point. There is so much nature around where I live. So many parks to run around. It is just so nice to not live in a place with skyscrapers and big buildings and lots of cars and busses and train and all. There is that quiet and peaceful aspect about where I live and I love it so much.

That sums up pretty much what I like about the UK. I just wish that this corona thing ends soon and life can go back to normal and people can come back and enjoy England once again.

Have a great day you all.

Axelle T. Marchesin
Axelle T. Marchesin
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