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Kids' Thanksgiving Crafts That Are Easy & Fun in Kansas City

Kids' Thanksgiving Crafts

By lucywhitePublished 15 days ago 3 min read

Making projects for Thanksgiving is a simple and enjoyable way to mark the occasion. Crafts with footprints or handprints are a wonderful way to leave a lasting impression on loved ones and build memories. Kids can make and clean up these crafts with ease, which makes them a special and meaningful holiday activity. Book DTW flights to Kansas City and experience the city's diverse attractions and Thanksgiving craft, making it an unforgettable destination.

Turkey Basket Craft

To decorate wooden spoons for a basket, this craft entails using hot glue to create wings and a head. This festive craft is so much easier to prepare with a basket—it's the ideal centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand and Footprint Craft

With scissors, orange and red paint, and yellow paint, make a project with a fall theme. Place one hand over the white paper after painting it yellow. To make turkey feathers, layer your hands and let them dry. Press orange and brown paint onto paper to create a lather for your feet. Cut red teardrop shapes for the waddle and triangle shapes for the beak, then cut around the hand and footprints. To complete the turkey face, add a googly eye. Attach handprints with adhesive either to the rear of the footprint or to an additional piece of paper. Make turkey feathers with each hand to make a turkey for the whole family. This cute craft is ideal to gift to loved ones or for Thanksgiving.

Appreciative of Family Craft for Thanksgiving

Using construction paper, 12x12 fabric, and 10x10 canvases, make a colorful family turkey. Stick the cloth onto the canvas and draw the hands of every member of the family on the paper. Place glue between them, then top with a Thanksgiving face. Use fabric markers, puff paint, or sticker letters to write "Thankful for Family" on the canvas. With winter approaching, this activity is a great way to keep kids occupied. These crafts are ideal for providing kids with entertainment in the upcoming weeks.

Wreath of corn

Paint, twine, and computer or construction paper can be used to create a Thanksgiving craft. Incorporate Thanksgiving-themed décor into your home and enjoy making a joyful display that is appropriate for all ages.

Craft: String Pumpkin

In this Thanksgiving activity, yarn, glue, and balloons are used to create pumpkins. Before blowing up the balloon and soaking the string in glue, give it some time to dry. After encircling the balloon with the string, embellish it as you choose. Inflate the balloon and fashion the topper. Kids of all ages can love making messes, especially with this simple project.

Craft a Thanksgiving Decoration

A hot glue gun, twine, an empty bottle, and fall-themed decor or flowers are needed for this Thanksgiving craft. Using adhesive to ensure it adheres, start by encircling the bottle with the twine. The adhesive parts can be covered with ornamental flowers if desired. Add more ornaments as needed, starting from the bottom.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jars

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with ModPodge, mason jars, and leaves. Arrange the leaves in jars and cover them with ModPodge. For a festive appearance, wrap the jar in twine or string. Leave a comment with more entertaining Thanksgiving craft ideas. We adore doing arts and crafts projects with the kids and are constantly searching for brand-new, enjoyable family activities.

Pumpkins with Beaded Pipe Cleaners

One Little Project provides instructions for making a Thanksgiving craft that includes a Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn with orange and green pipe cleaners and orange beads. Make reservations for cheap flights from Detroit to Kansas City if you'd like to learn more about the city.


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