Interrailing Guide 1.0

By the Travelling Duo

Interrailing Guide 1.0

When we were planning our first interrail route, we intensely researched potential routes, combined with the cities/countries we wanted to visit. We found that to try and fit in all the cities we wanted to visit into a time frame and possible route was pretty tricky at first. So here's how we decided to do it...

Where to Go in Europe


If you're from the UK, Amsterdam is just a one-hour plane journey away, and a perfect place to start off your interrailling experience. Home to the Golden Age Canals, Amsterdam provides an edgy, quirky atmosphere, with great drinking and dining scenes ! Amsterdam is also home to some amazing history and culture, a real must when visiting Europe.


Next up we took the train to Berlin, which takes around six hours. Berlin is a vibrant city, and if you're a fan of house music, in particular, techno, this city is definitely for you! Berlin mixes the old in with the new, maintaining some of the old town that survived after the war, and managing to blend it in within the new town.


Then onto Prague, around a four-hour train journey, this city is truly beautiful in all its glory. Its magnificent buildings, bridges, castles and cathedrals, along with the historic old town square are a real sight to be seen !


Vienna, the home to imperial palaces. A four-hour journey from Prague, Vienna is a lovely relaxing break between Prague and Budapest ! its artistic streets and chilled vibe is lovely!


Oh Budapest, well what can we say, our absolute favourite city in the world! It is full of stunning architecture, beautiful thermal baths and amazing nightlife. We CANNOT recommend this wonderful city enough, go, just go!!!! To read more about why we love Budapest read our blog post about it.

Split, Croatia

From Budapest we took the overnight train to Split. This seaside town was a lovely treat, allowing us to relax, away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. The nightlife here was super quirky and cool, with the main clubs all located on the beach, you pay one small entry fee, and then have access to all the clubs there!


From Croatia, we caught an overnight boat, taking us to Ancona in Italy, and from there a three-hour train to Rome. Rome is full of history and beauty, so there'll be no spare time when you get there!

The nightlife is much more chilled, but this has to be said for all of Italy really, so be prepared for casual, sophisticated drinking, BUT the food definitely makes up for this YUM !


Well Florence was definitely our favourite Italian City. It's such a beautiful city, with great food and culture. A real must ! And Florence Cathedral is the most magnificent church we have ever seen.


The city built on the water. Venice is perfect for couples, it has such a romantic feel to it, from taking a trip out on a gondola, to exploring Piazza San Marco, Venice is truly beautiful from the moment you step off the train.


We've chosen to include all of Switzerland in one section, as we visited multiple places whilst there. Interlaken was our first stop, and we recommend going here, if only to see Lake Brienz ! We then visited Bern, our favourite city in Switzerland. And from there we went to Zurich, we organised our Switzerland around going to Zurich, as we wanted to attend the Zurich Street Parade - definitely go to this if you ever in Zurich during this festival, its free and is just amazing !

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