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Lets go for a walk

By Jen PhillipsPublished about a month ago 2 min read
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The Year 2020. October to be more specifically- The peak of the pandemic. The time where we are all in need to get out. It's now month six of the lockdown and we finally have a brief moment of where we are allowed to leave our homes. I never really get a chance to go out on a weekend-get-away but when I do have a chance to escape I run to the mountains. It may not be a weekend-get-away but spending the day hiking is just the same to me.

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All I need is a good pair of boots, a camera and I'm good to go running into the woods for the day. After being in locked down for months I was in need of getting out for the day.

Nothing is more relaxing than going for a hike into your favourite trails. The real beginning of this hike is supposed to start at the top, at the Dundas Peak, ON. Entrance. But what fun is that? I'm a rule breaker and make own trail and create my own adventures.

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You never find the good stuff by following the main path anyways. The whole point of running away to the mountains is to be able to breath and clear out the mind- Also since this was in October 2020, we are supposed to stay away and avoid people like the plague. All puns intended.

I mostly love adventuring off on my own path because I love finding (abandon) ruins. Then exploring them, hikes like this are therapeutic.

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Nature is the best therapy, in my opinion. It's a chance to get away from all the people, technology and the fast pace of the growing world. To have the ability to go sit by a stream up against a tree with a book, a camera and the dog for the day is just a good as a weekend get away.

They say hiking can reduce stress, I can totally agree with this statement. I also find running to my favourite hiking trail helps with getting creativity and get things going. After coming back from a good hike I can't wait to get to my laptop to write or get to the canvas to paint with the photos I've captured from the day.

With everything that was going on during 2020 and even though I've done this hike many different times and occasions, this hike felt different. I've gone on many different hikes and been to this location many times over the years. This day was different. It felt different this time, this hike was well needed. It gave a sense of freedom- even just for a little while before going back into another lockdown.

Since this day of freedom I've never experience a day like it. Trust me ive tried over the years to experience a day like this one. Instead of trying to recreate the best day trip every, I spend days just trying to expirence life as it is and what it has to offer. If COVID has taught me anything is that tomorrow isn't promised.

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Jen Phillips

Having a creative imagination has no limitations. My favourite past time is just dumping all my thoughts on to paper and seeing where it goes.

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