How to travel with a baby in airplane?

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How to travel with a baby in airplane?

Flying with a baby can be quite challenging and exhausting. Not to mention being constantly stressed that everyone on the plane might hate you. You definitely do not want to be "that parent" with the screaming child. Here are a few tips for you that might help you to have a smooth journey as possible with your baby.

Keep the connecting flights to a minimum

As the parent of a baby, it is crucial to keep the number of connecting flights down to a minimum. Probably it would be better if you book a direct flight or one with a pretty long layover. Landing usually puts pressure that might be uncomfortable or sometimes cause pain on those tiny ears, which is the reason underlying most screaming matches on airplanes. Also, less time spent at transit means there's less probability of your baby throwing a mid-flight tantrum. If there is no chance of skipping several transits, at least try to schedule extra time between flight so that you and your little one can both relax for some time. Surely you don't want to be running around the airport with a baby and several large bags containing travel paraphernalia You can use the extra time to give your baby a change of diaper and to grab some snacks along the way.

Protect your baby's ears

It has been noted that sucking or chewing on something can help in easing ear pains caused by pressure changes inside the cabin. Therefore, bring formula or pumped breast milk to give your baby so that he or she may have something to work on as the plane takes off. If your baby doesn't like bottles, a pacifier would work fine too. If the pain seems to wreak your child the last time you were on a flight, make sure to consult your pediatrician and get prescribed some ear pain drops.

Pack extra changes of clothing

Of course, you may have to pack that essential bundle of extra clothing and possibly fit them in your carryon for easy access. In case of a sudden blow out during your flight, this extra change of clothing would be a godsend for you, the baby, and everyone around you! The extra clothing should not only include fresh clothes for your baby alone. You shouldn't forget to pack some additional clothing for you as well. Otherwise, you'd be stuck with wet and sticky clothes for the rest of your journey. To avoid these kinds of travel disasters, remind yourself to toss in an extra layer of clothing into the diaper bag for you as well.

Keep the baby engaged at all times

Until your baby grows into a kid who can enjoy in their own time, the days where you can simply enjoy a magazine, a good book, or watch your favourite movie are all gone. During the entire duration of your flight, you'd either be playing or pacifying your baby. This could mean reading that board book over and over again until you can recite its contents by heart. The secret to a less stressful flight is to absorb your baby's attention elsewhere. Well, this doesn't mean that you have to invest in expensive travel toys. In a baby's world, even trash is better than those high-end baby toys. The bottom line is that you really must keep that baby happy and occupied during the flight by employing whatever the tactics that you can as a parent. And finally, don't forget to request a crib at the boutique hotel in Siem Reap that you're staying at such as Anantara Angkor Resort.

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