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How To Spend Boxing Day In Sydney

by Evelyn Adam 11 days ago in travel advice / travel tips
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Let’s take a look at what Boxing Day Celebrations in Sydney look like.

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th in all nations. In Sydney, Boxing Day is typically spent eating leftovers from Christmas Day and making significant purchases at the Boxing Day sales.

Let's go over the origins of the name "Boxing Day" and, of course, how Sydneysiders celebrate it all across the city.

What makes it Boxing Day?

The origin of the name is unclear. A possible theory is that it originated in Britain in the 1830s and refers to the first day that mail could be delivered again after the Christmas Day holiday.

Another widely accepted theory is that the name is a reference to British charity collections for which donations were gathered in boxes. This is similar to another theory that suggests a British practice where on the first weekday after Christmas, tradespeople would collect Christmas boxes as a special thanks for their services throughout the year.

Lastly, a noteworthy theory holds that the name derives from the custom of affluent European families giving Christmas boxes to their staff the day after Christmas.

Despite its British origins ,the people of Sydney have adopted and developed their own, distinctive traditions for the Boxing Day holiday.

Shopping the day away

Australians spend a whopping $2.4 million at the Boxing Day sales every year! The fact that Boxing Day is a public holiday in Australia contributes to these figures because many people go shopping to take advantage of the special discounts.

Shops frequently open early so that customers can enter before the crowd and grab the best deals. Don't feel pressured to visit your neighbourhood department store on Boxing Day in order to score the best deal; online deals are becoming more and more popular and are in league with or sometimes even better than physical shopping.

Cricket fever strikes back

Though not everyone’s cup of tea, Boxing Day is a huge day for cricket fans. The Australian team plays a visiting national team in a cricket test match almost every Boxing Day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It is the highlight of the Australian Cricket Calendar and attracts thousands of crowds every year.

Watch the fleet race against the wind

The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is another annual Boxing Day tradition in a similar sports vein. Between Sydney Harbour and Hobart, the race covers a distance of 630 nautical miles. People watch the yachts take off for the race from the decks of vessels hosting Boxing Day Sydney Harbour cruises. With more than a hundred yachts ranging from 36ft to a 100ft in length, it's the world’s only race that starts in a harbour, takes in a passage and finishes in a river. Watch the vessels sail away onboard one of the Boxing Day cruises.

Silver Screen Time

Boxing Day is a significant one when it comes to movies in Australia. On December 26, a number of blockbuster movies are released, making large crowds rush to the theatre to see highly anticipated films. So grab your favourite popcorn and head to watch your favourite movie!

Time to take that grill out!

You are not alone if you choose not to attend a major event or spend money at the Boxing Day sales. In Australia, a lot of people decide to spend Boxing Day at home and host a barbeque for their friends. Invite visitors to bring any leftovers from Christmas Day so that you can all share.

Boxing Day undoubtedly is one of the most fun days of the year to shop or just lay back and let your worries go. So what are you going to do this Boxing Day?

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