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How to Spend 48 Hours in Port Louis, Mauritius

by Sewmini James 2 months ago in how to
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A City of Varied Attractions

Mauritius - Photo by Ondrej Bocek on Unsplash

The island nation of Mauritius will always be an alluring destination for visitors. The nation’s capital, Port Louis, happens to be an engrossing city and has been identified as the top African capital when it comes to the quality of living. You will find that Port Louis boasts a great deal of historical and cultural charm that will delight the discerning visitor. Even if you only have 48 hours to explore this marvellous destination, you can still experience its highlights, as described below.

Visit China Town

Your journey could commence at China Town, located in the middle of the city. Even if you arrive at this locality as dawn breaks, you will still notice the fragrance of Chinese cookery. Despite the early hour, you will have the opportunity to purchase wonton, spring rolls and other foods of Chinese origin. China Town also happens to be renowned for its medicinal plants and herbs. After spending some time exploring this locality, you could enjoy a delicious Chinese lunch at one of the restaurants too.

Experience the Natural History Museum and religious attractions

Your next destination would be the Natural History Museum where you could learn more about the extinct but still well-known bird called the dodo. Various other kinds of fascinating fauna are also featured at this site too. Just a short distance from this museum, you will encounter the St. Louis Cathedral which is a noteworthy religious attraction in the city. The next feature on your itinerary should be the well-known Jummah Mosque; on your way to this place of worship, you could refresh yourself with a cool tamarind juice or some crushed ice and fruit syrup. Don’t forget to visit the famous Citadel and take in the stunning views of the city as well.

Take in the artificial bay and Place d’Armes

You will see that in the evening after dusk has fallen, a rather different version of Port Louis could be experienced by the visitor. The warmth will be replaced by refreshing sea breezes and the traffic eases significantly. You may take the opportunity to take a relaxed walk along the waterfront, admiring the ships berthed at the artificial bay. Another nearby attraction would be the Place d’Armes, which happens to be a grand avenue featuring statues of important persons and bordered by royal palms.

Admire Aapravasi Ghat and the Blue Penny Museum

On the morning of your second day, your destination would be the Aapravasi Ghat, a historical attraction that has been certified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This was the place where the initial indentured labourers from India first arrived. Another attraction located nearby would be the Blue Penny Museum which happens to be renowned for housing some of the world’s most prized stamps.

Visit the Central Bank of Mauritius and Central Market

Next, it would be time to admire the sight of the Central Bank of Mauritius which has the distinction of being the island’s highest building at 124 m; you could buy an attractive gold-plated souvenir coin here. You could then enjoy a tasty local lunch of roti, fruit salad and alouda at the nearby Central Market. When seeking the best resorts in Mauritius for your holiday, beachfront accommodation to consider from which you could easily visit such attractions in the capital would be The Residence Mauritius.

Spend time at Marie Reine de la Paix Church and enjoy a delectable dinner

Your stay in Port Louis would not be complete without experiencing the night-time views from Marie Reine de la Paix Church. You will have to ascend a stairway to reach this church, but you will be rewarded with panoramic views across the city. You may encounter some joggers and couples enjoying a romantic time at this site too. You could round off your 48 hours in Port Louis by enjoying a tasty dinner at one of the eateries in the quarter known as Plaine Verte. With so much to see, to truly do justice to Port Louis and other captivating areas of Mauritius, you should undertake a longer stay on the island!

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