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How to Pack for the Ultimate Pattaya Beach Vacation

Planning a Hassle-Free Coastal Getaway

By Aurora GiannaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Pattaya in Thailand would be a wonderful destination for an enjoyable beach vacation, offering many sandy expanses where you could spend hours lounging in the sun and having fun in the surf; there will also be many leisure activities for you to enjoy along with the exciting nightlife. However, to make the most of your vacation in Pattaya, you must take care to pack carefully for your trip; some useful tips in this regard are provided below.

Pack the right clothes and footwear

As you might expect, for a beach vacation in Pattaya, you would need adequate swimwear as you would probably spend a lot of time basking in the sun. Plenty of T-shirts and shorts would also naturally come in handy; all of these should be comfortable, quick-drying and versatile. You would also need longer skirts or pants for visiting temples. You may pack an elegant outfit too for an evening at a party, club, or smart restaurant. Don’t forget undergarments, socks, pyjamas and a sweatshirt or two for air-conditioned environments. It would be prudent to pack a lightweight rain jacket as well if you plan to visit Thailand during the rainy season.

When it comes to footwear, naturally in Pattaya, you could expect to spend a lot of time in flip-flops and sandals. Comfortable shoes for walking in the towns would also be useful, whilst you would need hiking boots for trekking excursions. Effective sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat would also be essentials.

Take the needed accessories and bags

As you might expect, you would need a strong duffel bag, backpack or suitcase in which to pack all of your items. Ladies would need hair ties or headbands for holding back their hair in hot, humid conditions. You would also need a refillable water bottle fitted with a filter or a separate filter for purifying your water. Another useful item would be a smaller day bag for any day trips that you may arrange.

Naturally, a GoPro or other camera would be great for recording images of your adventures; don’t forget to pack the necessary chargers, and perhaps a spare memory card if you think you may need it. You may also take along a couple of plastic bags for packing wet swimwear and towels. You should take the necessary toiletries, although many of these would be available in Thailand as well.

Carry the essentials

You must not forget to take along important documents like your passport (along with a copy) and travel insurance documents. A microfiber towel could also be very useful on your travels. Luggage locks or a padlock would provide you with additional peace of mind regarding your belongings. A money belt would be another great accessory to have. Make sure that you don’t forget the credit and debit cards that you would need for your travels; that said, also carry around cash with you for places that may not expect cards such as some local markets. Naturally, you would need your essential electronics such as your phone, laptop, tablet, kindle, or other devices, along with their chargers and a universal plug / travel adapter. Of course, when bringing and using all these electronics, it would also help to choose a Pattaya beach resort that is not only close to the shore but also offers complimentary in-room Wi-Fi; an accommodation choice to consider in this regard would be Avani Pattaya Resort that caters to families, friends, and couples alike.

Remember what not to take

There will also be several items that you really shouldn’t take with you to Thailand. One of these would be a sleeping bag which you would be unlikely to need in Pattaya. Another mistake would be taking along an oversized rucksack, as it would be unwieldy to carry when you fill it. One of Thailand’s attractions would be the fact that many of the consumer items needed by foreign tourists would be available in the country, and therefore it wouldn’t be necessary to pack too many things. Another unnecessary item would be a mosquito net, as your accommodation is likely to provide one if needed. Naturally, wearing a lot of jewellery during your beach holiday would also be unnecessary; while Thailand is a safe country, there would be no reason to take along superfluous items of jewellery on your holiday.

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