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How to Pack for a Beach Vacation?

Beach Vacation Packing List

An otherwise fun beach vacation can turn into a disaster if you don't have everything you need. Whether you travel with your family or by yourself, there's a list of beach essentials you need to take with you. Having everything you need can also save you a lot of money and time.

1. Luggage

You need to have a good travelling bag that has space for everything you need; a proper, compartmentalised bag can help you stay organised in your Maldives water suite.

2. Swimsuit

It goes without saying that you need your swimsuit for your beach vacation. You need to take at least two swimsuits with you.

3. Swimsuit cover-up

If you are heading to a destination like the Maldives or any other Asian destination, chances are you'll need something to wear over your swimsuit; especially if you plan to visit religious places.

4. Shorts

You should at least bring three shorts with you; you are going to need them when walking down to the beach and strolling around your resort – make sure they are made of light material and are comfortable so that you can withstand the hot and humid weather.

5. Tank tops

Bring around two to three tank tops to go with your shorts.

6. Dresses/evening wear

If you find it more comfortable, you can replace your tank tops and shorts with sundresses, or you can bring all of them if you can't decide now. Also, make sure you bring your evening wear for casual dinners and suchlike, especially if you plan to stay at a place like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort. Lounge wear is something you should consider also.

7. Pants and jackets

If you suspect that the nights are going to be cold, you need to bring your pants to stay warm. If you know that the temperature is going to change drastically at night, you may want to consider packing your jackets as well.

8. Pyjamas

If you are going to stay at a resort for more than a few days, consider packing two of your PJs.

9. Other wardrobe essentials

A beach hat, flipflops, water shoes, sunglasses, a beach bag, a handbag and sandals should be on your packing list.

10. For your safety

You should never forget your sunscreen when heading out to the beach. The sun is not a friend to your skin, and therefore, you should always wear a good sunscreen before heading out – make sure you apply sunscreen on your face as well and consider using a good SPF lip balm. Always wear a sun hat when at the beach and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If it's a tropical destination, you are going to need a mosquito repellent as well. You should also consider bringing your first-aid kit. You can find any medication you need at drug stores, but if you already have everything handy, you'll be able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything.

11. Things you can leave at home

When going on a beach vacation, there are certain things you can leave at home. You don't need clothes that are heavy and stuffy. Most resorts provide their guests with towels, so, you can ditch your towels and make space in your luggage for something more important. You also don't need to bring beach amenities like camp chairs and barbeque grills. Things like body boards, snorkel gear and floating devices can also be considered unnecessary as your resort is likely to provide them. However, before you decide all this, you need to call the resort and find out whether they provide you with the things you need.

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