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How to Enjoy a Culinary Safari in Sanya: Fine Dining and Street Food

A Sweet Assault on Your Tastebuds

By Sewmini James Published 3 months ago 3 min read
How to Enjoy a Culinary Safari in Sanya: Fine Dining and Street Food
Photo by Xiong Gordon on Unsplash

Sanya is an absolute dream for seafood lovers, thanks to its island vibes and fresh offerings straight from the sea. You have an array of amazing dishes made from things like sea cucumbers, abalone, and sea urchins – they're not just fresh; they're prepared by people who really know their way around seafood. It's not all about the fancy dishes, either. You can dive into the local street food scene with options like creatively prepared tofu and coconut.

Hainan Hot Pot

In Sanya, the hot pot experience gets a coastal twist with an incredible selection of fresh seafood. It's not just called 'hot pot' because of the boiling broth, but also because it often features the tongue-tingling Sichuan pepper that really brings the heat. Imagine dipping squid, crabs, clams, and prawns into a simmering pot, complemented by an assortment of veggies – that's a Sanya seafood hot pot for you. Don't worry if spicy isn't your thing; the pots are typically split into two sides, one fiery and one mild, so you can enjoy it just how you like.

Wenchang Chicken

This particular chicken dish stands out in the culinary scene because of the unique way the chickens are raised. They're fed a special diet of coconuts and grains, which is the secret to their exceptional taste. Cooked with skilful techniques and a blend of local ingredients, the flavour that comes through is unforgettable. The chicken is rich and aromatic, cooked to perfection until it's so tender that it practically melts off the bone. Given its popularity, you'll find this delectable dish served at many places.

Hele Crab

The flavour profile of this crab is truly one-of-a-kind because it dwells in both fresh and saltwater environments, giving it a distinctive taste that can't be found elsewhere. Typically, it's steamed with a bit of vinegar and ginger, which complements the crab's natural flavour without overpowering it. What's captivating is its striking golden yellow hue, a feast for the eyes just as much as for the palate. The taste is subtle yet intricate with an enticing aroma. In China, where seasonal eating is a part of the culinary culture, these crabs are considered at their peak in the autumn.

Street Food

When you hit the streets, it's the local, fresh-off-the-boat seafood that steals the show. You can't miss it – just let your nose guide you to the tantalising aroma of barbecued seafood that wafts through the air. The markets are plentiful, each offering an array of options like succulent barbecued squid, flavourful crabs, juicy prawns, and of course, don't overlook the local tofu, a must-try in itself.

If you’re staying in apartments in Dadonghai Bay, you’re surrounded by street food markets.

Xinmin Street: If you're chasing that authentic Chinese vibe – where you can clink glasses and share stories with the locals – then this is your spot. Located just 14 minutes from Ascott Dadonghai Bay Sanya, getting here is super easy. Imagine a sprawling wet market, brimming with the freshest seafood. Here's the best part: you get to pick out exactly what you want to eat, then hand it off to the expert chefs who'll whip it up right in front of you. So, grab a cold beer and watch the culinary magic happen. It's not just a meal; it's an experience.

Mangrove Tree Seafood Street: This street food paradise sprawls over an impressive 10,000 square meters, and unlike many street food hubs that come to life after dark, this one buzzes with activity all day long. It's a well-oiled machine where vendors whip up culinary delights not just from across China, but from around the globe. So, if you're someone who appreciates high cleanliness standards and a bit of order with your shopping experience, you'll feel right at home here. You're in for a treat with a smorgasbord of options: dive into the steamy world of Chinese buns, twirl some classic Muslim noodles, savour the local and Korean BBQ and nibble on some Taiwanese snacks, just to name a few. The best part is that you can indulge in these delectable eats while enjoying live cultural performances!

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