Hiking Around the World!

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My Epic Hiking Adventures!

Hiking Around the World!
Hiking allows you to embrace the outdoors!

Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to go on many hiking adventures around the world. For me, it's a great way to experience to outdoors and nature. I use this time to be alone with my thoughts, and be away from my phone. Hiking is a great way to reflect on life, and escape your troubles.

Hiking Glaciers!

Hiking towards Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Norway!

During a trip to Norway, my friends and I wanted to encounter a real life glacier. A short coach journey from the town of Olden brought us to a scenic trail that led to Briksdalsbreen Glacier. A 30 minute hike trough the woods led us to a lake, and then we came across this stunning sight! You can see how the ice flows down into the lake, not to mention the incredible rock formations. With the correct hiking gear, it is possible to walk along the top of glacier.

Briksdalsbreen Glacier reminds me of Superman's "Fortress of Solitude"!

Hiking Fjords!

Hiking to the top of Pulpit Rock in Norway!

Hiking to the top of Pulpit Rock in Norway, is one of the most exhilarating and extraordinary experiences of my life! Seeing the Fjords is a must when visiting Norway. The trail for Pulpit Rock took a lot of work. A scenic 60 minute hike through the woods, and over many hills and cliffs—the views of valleys and fjords when you get to the top of the rock is completely breathtaking. Having this incredible scenery surround you is truly stunning, and being nearly 2000 feet in the air is a complete adrenaline rush.

I can definitely see how this beautiful country inspired Frozen. I felt like I was in a movie!

Hiking Alaska!

Hiking to the top of Mount Juneau in Alaska!

Even during the summer months, you will still see snow in the mountains of Alaska. During my cruise to Alaska, my friend and I hiked Mount Juneau.

We took a cable car to the lookout point, which was about half way up the mountain, and then hiked the rest. There isn't too much to see along the way up, but you'll notice the view start to develop. As soon as you reach the top of the mountain, the snow starts to appear—and the view of the town, lake, and foliage is awesome.

It's quite a surreal moment, feeling hot yet surrounded by snow at the same time.

Hiking Yosemite!

Hiking Yosemite National Park in California!

During my trip with Trek America, my group spent one of the days hiking through Yosemite National Park in California. Before this trip, I had never heard of Yosemite. I was completely blown away however at how beautiful this place was.

Our hike towards the top of the waterfall—surrounded us with huge trees, mountains, lakes, wildlife, and snow. As you get to the top of the waterfall, there are huge wide open spaces for us to sit and enjoy the spectacular view—whilst we ate our packed lunch.

Hiking the Grand Canyon!

Risking my life at the Grand Canyon!

Seeing the Grand Canyon is definitely a must-do when travelling across America. During my road trip across the West Coast USA, my friends and I hiked the "Bright Angel" trail 3 miles into the canyon.

To say the views were amazing does not give it justice! The sheer size of the Grand Canyon is mind blowing, and being elevated over 4000 feet in the air is such a rush. Hanging your legs off the edge of the canyon is a great photo opportunity!

The hike itself was also very challenging. Making your way back out of the canyon takes a lot of work. The air is naturally thinner in high altitude places like this, which makes it a more difficult to breathe. This meant we found ourselves out-of-breath quicker than usual. But the huge sense of accomplishment after completing the hike is so worth it.

The Grand Canyon really is one of the worlds greatest natural areas.

Hiking LA!

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign in LA!

Hiking to the Hollywood sign really is a typical tourist attraction in LA. Hiking is actually a big part of the LA fitness lifestyle, and is a great way to embrace that California culture.

During my road trip across the West Coast USA, my friends and I hiked the trail that ran through Runyon Canyon Park. On your way towards the sign, you get amazing views of the city. I loved seeing the city from this view, because I reflected on the fact that so many movies, TV shows, and stars have been made in this area—with the next big project being made. It's like you can almost feel the fame of Hollywood.

For that reason, I would say this is my favourite hiking adventure I have been on.

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