Five Hot Destinations for Gay Travellers

If you're looking for travel inspiration in Europe, then these hot-spots are a great starting point.

Five Hot Destinations for Gay Travellers
Five hot destinations for gay travellers (image: Pixabay)

Wherever you are in the world, it's never too early to start planning your next holiday, your next expedition, your next adventure.

Of course, gay guys are a pretty diverse bunch of travellers, but as a demographic we are some of the most active travellers in the market.

But what makes a destination appealing to gay men? And which destinations consistently top the rankings when it comes to preferred destinations for gay men?

In this article we take a look at a few of our favourite destinations in Europe to see what makes them among the best for gay travellers.


Berlin (image: Pixabay)

Berlin is always high on the vacation target list for gay guys. In many ways it's the perfect city-break destination, with a huge range of cultural and historical things to do during the day, plus Berlin’s nightlife is also legendary.

One of the strengths of Berlin is that it's a city with a really strong gay community, and a recognised gay neighbourhood in Schöneberg. Schöneberg is a surprisingly liveable part of the city, with a great selection of bars and cafes.

If you're looking for some hard-core clubbing then no one does hard core clubbing light Berlin.


Barcelona (image: Pixabay)

Barcelona is the ultimate party town.

This beach-side location offers the perfect itinerary for any vacation — there’s incredible architecture to explore and admire, but if you just feel like taking it easy then you can simply devote yourself to tanning on the beach during the day, grabbing some tapas for dinner, and then hitting the clubs with everything you’ve got.

Nothing in Barcelona opens early so you'll probably need a siesta at some stage but Barcelona always delivers on the beach-side party vibe.

Barcelona's gay precinct is the neighbourhood of Eixample. This is most likely where your night out will be – with a great range of bars to kick things off before moving on to the clubs.

Feel like a day trip? Iconic gay beach Sitges is just a short train journey away. Sitges is an absolute must – a small resort town that is super gay-friendly and offering a great beach.


Elias Beach, Mykonos (image: Pixabay)

You might have heard the phrase “Gay Beach Time” — it’s a short-hand way of saying that you need to hang out on a beach, with a lot of other gay guys, showing of your tan and your latest pair of Speedos.

There is no better place in the world for Gay Beach Time than the beaches of Mykonos.

Elias beach is my favourite, but there's also plenty of others to choose from.

This small Greek island is the ideal place to drink cocktails on the beach and then head to the restaurants and bars of the old town which really comes alive after dark.


London (image: Pixabay)

Without doubt one of the world’s greatest cities, London has a huge amount to offer all travellers — museums, galleries, shopping, restaurants, and bars.

Soho is London’s iconic gay neighbourhood, but some of the most exciting night life is happening in the inner-East in areas such as Hoxton, Hackney, and Dalston, and of course there are always the clubs south of the river in Vauxhall.

London is one of those cities that can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming – it takes a while to get under the skin of the place. Your best bet is to choose a neighbourhood and focus on that area rather than trying to cover everything in one go.


Paris (image: Pixabay)

It's always hard to go past Paris as one of the world’s best destinations, whatever your sexuality.

Paris is stunningly beautiful, stunningly romantic, and embraces the concept of Gay Paris from every perspective.

Le Marais is the city’s gay district and really pumps with small bars and cafes that sees patrons spilling out on to the streets whatever the weather. For something different head to Rosa Bonheur on a Sunday afternoon — this small bar in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont starts to get busy after 4PM and quickly becomes the best party in Paris.

What makes a good destination for gay travellers?

What makes a good destination for gay travellers?

It's not an exact science, but whether it's city mini-breaks or extended beach-side vacations, essentially gay travellers are looking to have fun in a destination that welcomes them and celebrates them. Easy.

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