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All Captured on Nancy's iPhone 6s

We spent less than $1,000, all included

Per person:

-Jet Blue Flight $637.00 in December

-Airbnb entire apt

Two-bedroom $175.00 / 7 nights with a view

-Spa day At Hotel

Lounging $40 with 60 min massage ( Hotels Below)

-Food $60 All seven days of local food alcohol included...

No tourist restaurants

-Beach day $15 Includes Food, taxi to Santa María Del Mar 60

min drive from Havana

-A Tour day $25-60 Food included price depends on the tour

-Taxis $48 for All seven days Cuba has a (uber pool car lane)

ask locals for street location try to walk

Everything is near, and walking is fun.






- It's true! Cubans party 24/7.

I landed at 8 am, and an hour later, I was on the dance floor

I'm with my friend Bobby, exploring the beautiful streets of Cuba

to take in the charming faces.

Brothers, cousins, friends... Everyone is out.

The vintage car makes the city two parts show.

Carefree is the model around here.

Super lovely!

First things first, to head downtown to get Bobby's Cafe con Leche.

The first thing we're told: never trust the local.

We decided, "bah, there's two of us. We can handle this."

So we followed them to all the secret places where we can get the best deals.

Tourist, tourist.

We were looking for really inexpensive cigars

and we found our deal.

The beautiful faces of Cuba!

Welcome to our Cuban apartment.

I'm lucky to have my friend Bobby on this trip.

She noticed our apartment number is angel number: one, one, one. I love this girl.

This is our kitchen this morning we...

I went and got pineapples fruits. This was an orange.

It looks like a lemon.

You call this fruit "Papaya", as we do in the US.

Raw. It's actually "Bomb fruit".

Here, if you call it "papaya", that's a woman's private part.

Typical... like an American bathroom with two tanks right outside.

And this is an Airbnb...

They charge us here for everything. They are charging us the sodas.

Well, here we have our friend Aribet Chavez.

Who brought us eggs.

Local, Mr. Chavez, offered to bring us eggs because when he backed us to the market the farmer hadn't arrived.

She offered to cook us a Cuban breakfast. Of course, we said yes!

He even made us a breakfast to serve a fruit platter.

The perfect life! There were scissors everywhere!

Any corner you walked up to, any corner store, the bakeries.

Every night, me and Bobby would see people carrying cakes home, straight to the party wherever they were going.

I can tell that in Cuba everyone gets along.

We are happy, everyone gets along.

What's your name?


How do you feel about the fact that Fidel in not longer alive?

I haven't seen any change. We haven't see any change.

For us, it's just the same.

We have lost such a great commander.

Really, a great commander.

His absence is painful.

After a long day, guess who was waiting for us to cook us dinner

It got a little weird.

Turns out he was in love with Bobby and so she had to cut him off.

House parties are normally here, from Monday to Friday.

And don't be surprised if you hear a music jamming in the mornings.

The plan for tonight is that you go to the "Tilin Bar".

Take a nice drink, dace, sing... and have a good time.

What do you think about Cuba?

It's the best. For me, it's the best, because it's my country and I love it.

Here, you dance. Everyone dances here in Cuba.

Don't say us anything. Just give me my pie.

The model for the cakes.

We'll edit this, Nancy. And this... This is pioneer.

And Bobby is right. It's a pretty big deal.

After party, we come home to witness history in the making.

Wi-Fi has only been around for the past few months. We're super excited for them.

What is the price of cassava? -250.

After watching how meet is handled, Bobby needed her Coffee with milk.

Fast Food does not exist in Cuba.

You can wait from an hour to two hours. Everything is made from scratch.

Even when asking for a breakfast Sandwich.

I asked for a Cuban Cake.

They said: "What are you talking about? There's no such thing as a Cuban Torta."

That that's how US Mexican made up name.

Is that a Cake? -No, pork with bread.

But, it's not a cake? -No

What's a "torta" (cake) for you?

Torta... that's something Mexican.

Everyone calls it "Cuban cakes", but that doesn't exist, right?

No, that's bread with pork.

This is my brother. -Hi, brother!

You go to...? -The hospital.

Hey, Bobby! -Hi!

Yeah, dance!

What happens with her? -She's sick.

We talk about this from Facebook.

We get in touch. Ok.

Hugs and kisses!

Take care and enjoy your family!

Ok, beauty. Talk later. Bye!

For my sweet love!

You're the most beautiful! For all Mexican television.

Hurray, Mexico and Cuba!

And US, of course!

The best of all to you, guys!

And so much happines for this new year!


Love is in the air 24/7 lol

Money for family gifts or Cuban cigars not included

Day hang outs (Only for guest but if you talk to the bar tender pool side he will hook it up for the day.)

Smartphone equipment


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