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Cruise and Stay Holidays in Florida

by Sid Mark 10 days ago in america
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Cruise and stay holidays are a great choice for those looking to make the most of a relaxing holiday with a little adventure and excitement thrown in.

Cruise and Stay Holidays in Florida
Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Cruise and stay holidays are a great choice for those looking to make the most of a relaxing holiday with a little adventure and excitement thrown in. One of the best, and most popular, cruise and stay destinations is Florida. Florida offers an amazing choice of resorts, holiday villas, apartments and hotels; not to mention having a wide range of opportunities to keep you entertained on the ‘stay’ part of your holiday.

Holidays with a theme

Most people will be well aware that when it comes to theme parks the State of Florida, at the southern tip of the US, is the world capital. Walt Disney World® Resort has long been established here, but there are plenty of well-known theme parks – and some less well known too. Stay and cruise holidays to Florida offer an ideal opportunity to wear the kids out before setting sail for a relaxing break on-board a luxury cruise liner. If you are beginning your cruise and stay holiday with a theme park theme, Orlando should be your destination of choice. The majority of the main theme parks are located close to Orlando – and just down the road is the “Space Coast” featuring the Kennedy Space Center. The Space Coast also features a range of untouched protected parks, great surfing and snorkelling beaches, fishing, camping and boating. Port Canaveral on this coast is one of the main ports for embarkation in Florida.

Seamless transfers

When it comes to the ‘cruise’ part of your holiday, the key advantage to Florida is that your ‘stay’ part will be close by. No need for complex travel arrangements and as Florida has a massive range of flexible and high quality accommodation, you can move seamlessly from your Florida holidays to your luxury cruise. Cruises naturally feature a strong emphasis on the Caribbean, but Gulf of Mexico cruises and trips to and through the Panama Canal are also common. Cruises are well known for their luxury accommodation and fantastic entertainment. The advantage of a cruise is that you get far more for your money – the view from your window will change hourly and you get the chance to visit exotic ports. The Caribbean is a perfect choice for many – the vast number of islands adding extra variety to this already variety filled type of holiday. All-inclusive packages add that final touch of value.

Relaxed style

Families who have made the most of the theme parks – or the many other attractions in Florida – are usually grateful of the relaxed pace of life on board a cruise liner. Keeping kids entertained is a vital part of any family holiday – entertained kids mean you also get the chance to have some fun. While touring the theme parks is great for them, it can leave you feeling that you are in need of a holiday – and this is where the cruise part of the deal comes into its own. Knowing that the kids are in safe hands and never far away leaves you feel to enjoy the relaxed life on-board, keeping one eye on the turquoise Caribbean and its islands and another on your G&T – all from the convenient look out of a spot by the pool. Most major tour operators, and plenty of smaller ones, operate some fantastic stay and cruise deals, making them affordable and easy to arrange. Cruise and stay holidays featuring Florida as a starting point are also designed specifically with families in mind, taking the stress out of holiday planning and leaving you to make the most of your time away with the family.


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