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Crab Crusade: Capturing Live Crabs on a Tweed River Cruise

Crab-Catching Cruise: Tweed River

By Aleena ThomasPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Crab catching in Gold Coast

The Tweed River, which naturally separates Queensland and New South Wales, is a hotspot for visitors seeking a medley of activities, from fishing and boating to immersive nature exploration. But what makes this locale truly stand out are the extraordinary experiences waiting to be had. Fancy a chance to catch a crab on the Gold Coast? Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Embarking on a Tweed River cruise is arguably the finest way to delve into this unique experience of crab-catching on the Gold Coast. It's an entirely hands-on escapade that stands leagues apart from any other pursuits you may have dabbled in. Rest assured, both the nature enthusiast and the adventure seeker within you will be equally enthralled. Take my word for it.

This article will be your guide through every intricacy of this interesting activity. So, let's dive right in!

The Tweed River

Over 100 kilometres long, the Tweed River meanders its way through luscious rainforests, seaside wetlands, and picturesque beaches. Along with fish, dolphins, turtles, and, of course, crabs, it is home to a wide variety of marine species. The river's diverse ecosystem offers the ideal conditions for these crustaceans to flourish.

Tweed River Crab-Catching Cruises

Prepare for an immersive maritime adventure with Tweed River's crab-catching cruises. Imagine the stunning coastal backdrop of Queensland enhancing every moment. We'll delve into the intricacies and practicalities of crab trapping shortly. Rest assured, these cruises provide the optimal platform to hone these skills. Under the guidance of experienced crabbers, you'll step into the realm of a time-honoured coastal tradition. This encounter with the local marine ecosystem promises an enriching experience for novices and seasoned experts alike. This is surely going to be an engaging journey.

The Art of Crab-Trapping

Crab trapping is an age-old technique that has been employed by coastal communities all over the world to catch crabs. It calls for the use of simple traps, bait, and an in-depth awareness of crab behaviour.

Materials Needed

Crab Traps: Usually, these are wire or mesh cages that are intended for holding crabs after they get inside.

Bait: Fish heads, chicken necks, and even raw bacon are some of the baits that crabs are drawn to.

Floats and weights: Both of these assist the trap stay afloat and secure it to the riverbed.

Rope: Used to hold the trap in place and pull it out of the water.

Setting up the trap

Choose the Right Location: Crabbers with experience advise setting traps in shallow water close to mangroves, rocks, or other structures where crabs are likely to group.

Bait the Trap: Inside the trap, secure the bait. Ensure that it is alluring enough to draw the crabs.

Set the Trap: Using the attached rope, lower the trap into the water, making sure it is well fixed.

Mark Your Spot: Make a note of where your trap is so you can quickly locate it again.

Patience is Key

Patience is an essential attribute to have when crabbing. The crabs may take some time to locate and enter the trap. While you wait, enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and keep an eye out for the various animals that call the Tweed River home.

Catch and Release

While we dive headfirst into the thrill of this activity, let's always keep a respectful eye on the environment and its charming inhabitants. It's essential to follow the local rules and guidelines for crabbing and the ins and outs of your adventure. Remember, striking that balance between adventure and stewardship makes the journey all the more rewarding. Crabs should be carefully returned to the water if they are too little or are females carrying eggs (referred to as "berried" crabs).

If you are a seafood lover, crab-catching on the Gold Coast can be the prelude to a delicious meal you can enjoy. You will get a chance to fully appreciate the delicate flavour of this coastal delicacy. Create memories, have a great time!


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