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Couldn't Do It, Until I Did It!

by Tess 2 years ago in humor
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A hike up Mt. Batur volcano in Bali.

Atop Mt. Batur for the sunrise.

It was seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! Starting with a 330am pick up! We were driven to the base of the volcano, handed walking sticks and a good luck wish. I started off terribly! Immediately, the steep incline winded me causing the guide bringing up the rear of the group (but ahead of me) to constantly ask if I was okay in his sweet, broken English. I continued this way the entire two hour hike, with assistance from his little (I mean half my size little) friend, who could only say, “where you from” while holding my hand, for support, I assume, because let’s be honest, if I fell, I would have taken her innocent soul with me.

I wasn’t the only one struggling (thank God)! Cindy and Surya were having a rough go too. At the first rest point (yes, first rest point) we caught up to the rest of the group who must have been waiting at least 10 minutes for us – it was there the guides discussed the plan ahead. Basically, the rear guide would stick with us three so we wouldn’t hold back the rest of the group, threatening their chance of seeing the sunrise.

To be honest, our group made light of the fact we “sucked” and laughed a lot along the way. I’m sure that didn’t help my breathing.

We made it to the first sunrise point where we found Tessa, who claimed to be waiting for 20 minutes and seriously considered paying one of the dirt bikers 200K Indonesian rupiahs ($20CND) to take her to the top.

The bikers were like reality on wheels, bursting by, offering rides to the top to tourists who were clearly not fit enough to take on this mountain of a task. Their pessimistic ways were washed away by our guide’s bright light of optimism and our group’s combined determination.

Tessa joined our group of misfits, we affectionately named “The Remedial Group.” We encouraged each other to the last rest point before the top. Our guide and AJ suggested we watch the sunrise from there, claiming we were still 40 minutes from the top and the sunrise was due in an hour.

The remedial group was not about to give up! How hard could it be considering what we had accomplished already. Turns out, really fucking hard! All uphill sand, until the sand ended and the rock face began. As I was climbing these rocks, I imagined how over 45 years ago, lava must have melted this narrow path I was now frustratingly pushing through with the hand of my little “where you from” friend.

Dawn was appearing in the distance, we didn’t have much time left. We pushed and as the sound of some douchy guy with a guitar singing "Wonderwall" plagued the beautiful experience, we made it to the top! [He stopped playing shortly after we arrived as to not ruin the magical view – WHO hikes with a guitar?!]

As I sat at the tip top of Mt. Batur, staring at the endless skies, unable to see where I came from beneath the clouds, I caught my breath in time to have the sunrise take it away. I couldn’t believe I made it. I fancy myself not a quitter, but I won’t lie, I would not have made it to the top without my remedial group.

We remained at the top long enough for the barrage of photos to take place, feed some wild monkeys and have some of my new favourite coffee, straight up black Balinese.

Going down was way easier! Still hard as it’s black sand for a large part, but still easier. I lost my footing in a part and fell, missing a rock jutting out by mere inches. This caused the guides and AJ to exclaim something, which I would continue to hear the rest of my time with G adventures, “Stay away from trouble!” “Go slow,” the guide reminded me. I don’t think he would have understood that I’m just clumsy. Once we conquered the sand, the rest was a regular, downhill hiking trail. Up and down and on route back to the hotel by 830am!

We got back to the hotel by 9am, reveling in the marvel over second breakfast. You could see Mt. Batur from our hotel and I still was in awe over it’s size and couldn’t believe I made it to the top. My body believed it! My legs felt like cement and the notion of now taking stairs to my room felt as foreign as the country I was in. Somehow, my body managed. All those inspirational athletes, trainers and general fitness buffs always say, “your body can do it, it’s your mind that stops you,” were right.

It’s so important to take moments in life of disbelief, followed by gratitude. I can’t believe this is my life! It is amazing! It is exciting! It is joy! It is beautiful! It is love! And with all my heart, I AM grateful! Thank you for my life!


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