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Columbus, GA: One of America's Most Romantic Getaways

by Aubrey Kate 3 years ago in couples travel

Treat yourself (and your lover) to a uniquely perfect getaway

It strikes me odd, as a vast majority of my most romantic vacations are always in spots not known for their romance. Sure, I've done Paris, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, London and all the rest, but all those places seem either overcrowded, overly expensive, or they happen to be just plain old tourist traps. To me, a key component to romance is reality, not fantasy. Fantasy works great for short affairs, but despite its glamorization by Hollywood and the music industry, there is nothing romantic or sexy about bumping uglies with random people. Romance comes with love, not lust.

So, if you truly want romance, you need to be living in three spaces; the past, the present and the future. You must always celebrate the time you and your love have spent together, as it gives you insights into who your partner is at their core, and can also remind you why you should stay together during overemotional disagreements. As for the present, you must appreciate every moment you two have together. Have you ever seen a happy couple that didn't do that? With the exception of some perpetually drunken swingers I've come across, I can't say that I have. That's besides the fact drunken happiness isn't real happiness.

But what do I mean about the future? What I am saying is, if you and your partner can't realistically plan for the coming months and years ahead, coming up with an exciting battle plan to get you two where you want to be financially and career wise, you're not living in reality. You're getting caught up in some Paradise Island make-believe, where life is always good and you two will never face hardships. In certain, quote-unquote, romantic getaways, you'll be too busy with the bright lights, sexy bodies and quickly depleting bank accounts to even want to contemplate the future. Me personally, I'd much rather have a slower paced place where I can create memories while creating the future my love and I deserve.

Which brings me to Columbus, Georgia. In many ways, there is nothing special about Columbus. The people there have many a blue collar, the local Hilton is merely a Double Tree, and just like in Atlanta, New Orleans and other great Southern cities, there are parts of town best avoided. On the surface, there is nothing overly remarkable about Columbus; there is a reason we are told to look beyond the surface.

Let's start with the cornerstone of any vacation: eating what you want! Nobody goes on vacation to eat oatmeal and cans of tuna. No, people go on vacation to experience new and delicious foods. Rich cakes, fried delights, giant hunks of meat; when on vacation, all of these items which would normally be considered a treat become the norm. If there was a contest of food poorly represented outside of its area of origin, I'd have to wager soul food would be coming out of that thing with a bronze medal, at the least. However, Georgia is an area of origin when it comes to the aforementioned quickly fattening style of cuisine. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let me tell you really quickly, as someone who has eaten at some of the finest restaurants on three continents, as someone whose weight fluctuates more that Oprah's, as someone who lives and breathes food the way most journalists live and breathe confusing their opinions for facts, "You haven't been fed until you eat at Ed's." This cafeteria style eatery will serve you up some of us the best anything you eat there. The meat is juicy and covered in gravies and sauces, the sides, like mashed potatoes and candied yams, are literally worth assaulting other human beings over (no food is, I'm being silly), and of course they serve diabetic inducing sweet tea. It's the kind of meal that you and your partner will be laughing about for years to come, because there are very few places that can get you as full as Ed's, as it's just so good you'll just keep eating!

But Ed's is just one of many beyond amazing restaurants out in Columbus, GA. From the strawberry butter chicken and waffles at their local chain Metro Diner to the absolutely perfected catfish at Ezell's, unless you want to stop in at a Burger King or IHOP, you aren't going to have a bad meal. In fact, you won't even have a good meal; the worst you'll have will be great.

While you aren't going to get the same feel as a resort in Las Vegas or Chicago from Columbus, there are a few higher end hotels, as well as plenty of completely serviceable, mid-grade hotels as well. You know, your La Quintas and your Comfort Inns. With spacious showers and large, comfortable beds, you and your lover will be able to have plenty of personal time, if you know what I mean. If you don't, then you really need some help in the romance department!

Okay, so I've mentioned eating, I've mentioned the opportunities for fifty shades of whatever color you enjoy, but what about other stuff to do? If you're a nature enthusiast, check out Flat Rock Park and Cooper Creek Park. Lake Harding offers you the chance to catch your own meal with its abundant fishing and water-sports, while the Columbus Botanical Gardens drop jaws on a daily basis. If exploring gorgeous woodland areas isn't your thing, Columbus is home to the National Infantry Museum, the National Civil War Naval Museum, and a really fun space based science center as well. More than once I've heard the saying, "The couple that golfs together, stays together," and if you happen to be in agreement, Columbus offers three challenging golf courses for you to take a swing at. Nothing like working through an eating coma you got with a leisurely nine. Columbus has a mall, bowling alley's, movie theaters and everything else a couple might want to spontaneously do. And yes, that also includes dirty adult shops!

If you're not sold on Columbus, GA being a romantic destination after reading all that, just hop on Google and start looking at the various fun the city offers. One of my favorite things about the United States is we have so many truly great cities, dozens of them are looked over! Columbus is one of those hidden gems and is a place I love as much as the strawberry butter over at Metro Diner.

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