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Discovering comfort doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

I am an avid backpacker, and like many people I prefer to spend less money on fancy hotels, and more money experiencing the beautiful country I am visiting at the time. I do, however, still like some comforts and it is always nice to find fantastic hotels at affordable prices!

The hotels featured in my video are in various parts of Bali. I have featured a cheap hotel in Kuta, one in Ubud, and one in Jimbaran.

Each of the hotels cost just £10 a night and all had free WiFi which is a must for me as I like to upload my YouTube videos on location. These hotels also had a lovely outside pool area, large clean rooms, and exceptional service!

Two of the hotels included free breakfast within the £10 a night fee. I found this fantastic value for money.


If I had to recommend my best location out of the three, I would say the White House in central Ubud. Ubud is beautiful and has all the facilities a tourist may need without it being overly commercial. I also recommend visiting the Ubud monkey forest, which is just a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

Ubud in Bali is classed as the centre of traditional crafts and art. Here you can find an abundance of local crafts such as paintings, wood carvings, and local batik. It is surrounded by lush rainforest and paddy fields and has plenty of things to see and do. Along with the many beautiful temples and shrines, there is also Tegenungan waterfall close by. My driver kindly stopped here on the way to Ubud, and it was a beautiful sight to see! Check out my YouTube video for more details. We also stopped at Batuan Temple which was one of the less touristy, but equally beautiful and intricate temples in the area.

Ubud has a laid back hippy vibe. There are many yoga retreats and the streets are full of fairly priced vegan and vegetarian restaurants. For the party loving crowd, you can also find plenty of bars who often have live music in the evening.


I enjoyed my time at Villa Puri Royan, which is based just five minutes walk from the beach in Jimbaran. The hotel is located on a quiet street, with a sprinkling of other hotels, shops, and restaurants. I particularly enjoyed the food served in the hotel restaurant, which was extremely good value for money!

Jimbaran is a fishing village and coastal resort located south of the airport. The sandy beach of Jimbaran Bay stretches out for miles and is dotted with some very affordable seafood restaurants and bars. The beach itself is far quieter than the likes of Kuta and the calm waters are overlooked by limestone cliffs and tropical forest. In the village itself, you can find the famous fish market, a small but pretty temple which is certainly worth a visit, and a number of local shops and eateries.


Although I’m not the biggest fan of Kuta, as I find it too commercial and expensive, the hotel I stayed in—which was Tunjung Bali Inn—was incredible. Although it was the only hotel out of the three not to include breakfast in the price, the quality of service I received and the pool facilities made up for it. The hotel is situated right next door to a sports bar and restaurant who serve great quality meals at reasonable prices. This hotel is also located just 15 minutes drive from the airport.

Kuta is located on the west coast, and is Bali’s most famous beach resort destination. The beach itself is beautiful, with miles of golden sand and the sunsets are unreal! However, I did not enjoy how crowded it was or how many people are trying to constantly sell you things! The same went for the town, busy streets with rows upon rows of tourist themed shops, massage parlours, and lively bars. The nightlife in Kuta is varied and busy, so it's a great place to head for party goers! Karaoke bars, live music, and sports bars complement the main nightclubs and venues.

For ideas of things to do and see in Bali, check out my YouTube channel - Drunk On Wanderlust.

Thanks for reading 😃 x Dizzy

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