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Best Things to Do in Australia

+ Best places to visit

By Rafael EscobarPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Australia is a continent full of exciting places to discover and fun things to do. Live in the moment! Here are 10 things you should definitely do when you get there:

Have a meal!

Aussie food is very popular. Luckily, Sydney is a city that has plenty of restaurants.

Have a curry

If you're traveling within the country, you really must curry a tuna sandwich in Adelaide. The iconic city of Australia really shines when it comes to its sea foods.

See the Great Barrier Reef

On your holiday, you must visit the Great Barrier Reef. This is a magnificent marine reef that also stretches to the Travel Thermostat. Get to see the reef from a different perspective, by visiting Hobart.

Ride the Rainforest Trail

Palm Beach has a lot of activities that you can enjoy, like snorkeling or swimming. You can also go mountain biking through Housing Norton. There are also guided nature walks and cruises as you explore the wonders of the rainforest.

Experience the Outback

To truly enjoy the Outback, you must visit the Northern Territory. This is a fairly large area in which you can explore the outback as you meander through it. Take note that there are certain areas that extreme sports may not be suitable for you, so make certain you read the signs.

Take a wildlife tour

You will get to see the environment and get a better view of life in Australia as you explore the bushveld. You will also be able to see animals such as koalas, wombats, armadillos, and echidnas.

Know more about yourself

Kruger National Park also allows those who love to stay in campsites to wake up to the sounds of nature. This is a great way to bond with your family and friends.

Take a great photo!

Before you leave for your trip, you must do exactly what you did when you were in Australia the first time around. Buy a strong trio of lenses for your camera and do wide-angle photos for your memory card.

Before leaving, write down a list of the places you would go to on your vacation. Your list should be as long as your memory can handle and should include directions or driving instructions. Include in that list the address of the hotel you will stay in along with its rates and a contact person.

Best places to visit in Australia

1. Sydney:

One of the best and one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Sydney offers a wide range of attractions that will surely mesmerize you. If you are the traveler who is more interested in the curiosities, Sydney is guaranteed to impress you.

Museums, gardens and parks abounds in the city. An array of entertainment activities all appetizing and delightful options for entertaining yourself and your family includes motels, bars, pubs, and bars.

Apart from these, many of the best hotels, resorts and inns are located within the city itself.

2. The Gold Coast:

Among the many beaches in Australia, the Gold Coast is known for its inimitable energy. People who are looking for a laid-back environment intellectually satisfy their desire. There are both active as well as relaxing beaches. Many vacations on the Gold Coast are itineraries enjoyed by single people and couples. Air-conditioned resorts, amenities, theme parks, shopping centers and many exciting clubs and bars come as a part of some gold coast vacations.

3. Cairns:

This is the third largest city in Queensland. With its rainforest, wet rice fields and tropical climate, it is a paradise for travelers. Located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, a few days of fun will keep you busy. The main attractions of the city are the beaches with their sparkling corals and wildlife. You can set base in hotels and go diving or fishing. Check out for the famous tree falls in the rainforest. Mountains, waterfalls and beaches will amaze you.

4. Perth:

Rightly called as the city of Swan River, Perth is the capital of Western Australia. You will find here a multi faceted culture and heritage. Some of the must visit places of the city are the Swan River Zoo, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Botanic Gardens, Bridges Hill Gallery and the NAGI Art Experience. Lush landscapes, world class accommodation and many more make Perth tour a delectable option for travelers.

5. Adelaide:

The third largest city in South Australia, Adelaide is a well established tourist place that charms tourists with its vibrancy and beaches. The city boasts of many as well as attractions like Adelaide Museum, Cathedral Square, Canal Walk, Ancient Gardens, Flea Market, and Tonic Water Park. Rightly named as one of the best cities to visit in Australia, the city will not disappoint you.

6. Darwin:

Adelaide's scientific heritage makes it rightly a center of attraction. Galileo Galilei brought the cross that had been found in the park to the nearby Town Hall and thereby started the scientific revolution. Today, the city is home to the Parkes Observatory, the John Darwin Station and the Busselton Homestead. Marina Bay is a home to many as well as attractions such as condo, coffeeshops, bays and restaurants.

7. Mandurah:

The city of Perth is also known as the gateway to the Ben Theumn Bluffs National Park. Located on the Mandurah Highway, it is also a popular destination for tourists.

8. Rottnest Island:

Located on the Perth Peninsula, Rottnest Island is famous for the search for the Yeti. Tourists are often searching for the elusive Yeti these days. The island is also a home to exclusive attractions such as Timberline Falls and the Toba Canal.


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