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Best Sydney Vantage Points to watch the Start of Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

Watch the start of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race from the decks of a harbour cruise, a lighthouse or the Sydney Tower Eye.

By Harley LeonPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

It’s time to pack your baskets with some delicious Christmas Day leftovers and head to the Harbour foreshore. After all, it's Boxing Day in Sydney! The day Sydneysiders get to witness the much-awaited Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race! A fiercely popular Australian tradition to the present day, this event continues to thrill locals since 1945…

In this racing event, international racing yachts compete against local yachts as they head out of Sydney Harbour. The race kicks off at Neilson Park, on twin start lines on the north of Shark Island – sailing towards the finishing point in Hobart, Tasmania.

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is among the world’s toughest sailing races demanding smart seamanship.

Naturally, Port Jackson is bustling with the clamour of excited spectators at this remarkable race! This excitement is not limited to the Harbourfront – rather, it spills all across the harbour city.

Now, the choice is yours – either marvel at the action from the decks of a harbour cruise, or choose to follow every movement from the shore. The article enlightens you about the top vantage points in Sydney to catch sight of the spectacular yacht race.

From the decks of a Magistic harbour cruise

Being the starting point of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, Sydney Harbour flaunts a busy spectacle on Boxing Day. The harbourfront sparkles with the vision of attractive flotillas, their sails fluttering in the air.

Cruising on the harbour on December 26 is a fantastic way to cheer for your favourite sailing yachts!

The highlights of this Boxing Day Sydney Harbour cruise include live onboard commentary and stunning views of the harbour and the race. Your eyes will be happily glued to all the action on the harbour – thanks to the three spacious outer decks of this modern catamaran! Soak in the dynamic views of the gorgeous harbour and the race onboard this catamaran.

Also make sure you bring your own snacks. And, purchase drinks from the fully licensed bar aboard this Boxing Day cruise vessel. Eat, drink and make merry as you listen to the live commentary on the cruise, while admiring the fascinating Sydney skyline and the racing yachts!

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

While Port Jackson promises unrivalled views, it’s easy to be overwhelmed in the presence of an overexcited crowd cheering on, and the commotion that follows!

If you prefer enjoying all the fun from the shore – walk up to the impressive Hornby Lighthouse.

Built in 1858, the structure is located at South Head close to Watsons Bay, in Sydney Harbour National Park. Visitors can reach the lighthouse via the South Head heritage trail – that includes a walk from Camp Cove at Watsons Bay.

The iconic red and white hues of the lighthouse present a marked contrast to the deep blue of the surrounding waters. What a marvellous viewpoint to gaze at the series of maxi yachts speeding by, under an open, clear-blue sky!

Sydney Tower Eye

And, the views just don’t stop there…

How about exploring impeccable views of the yacht race from the highest point of Sydney? Sydney Tower Eye offers breathtaking panoramic views of this exclusive Boxing Day tradition! In this regard, the observation deck deserves a special mention. Boasting of an ultra-modern technology complete with high-powered binoculars – it gifts visitors a unique opportunity to feast their eyes!

In fact, the observation deck itself is known as the ‘Sydney Tower Eye’!

It is located on level four of the Sydney Tower.

With the aide of the binoculars, from this point, you can easily catch sight of the colorful sails and the yachts shooting out of the Sydney Harbour furiously.

The Sydney Tower Eye is located about 250 metres above ground level. Its viewing platform is fully enclosed – offering a real visual delight to its guests with 360° views of the city and her surrounding areas.

Whatever be your chosen vantage spot, ensure you reach early. Being one of the biggest holiday events in Sydney, be prepared for a gigantic crowd! And, if you opt for a Boxing Day special harbour cruise, book your ticket today.

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