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Amazing Things To Do In Phuket

Must Visit Place in Phuket

By abe mickalPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The diverse list of things to Do in Phuket offers a range of diverse experiences, making it an ideal destination for a vacation. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, Phuket is an unbeatable place to enjoy diving and water sports. The stunning locations within and around Phuket make it a preferred option for honeymooners and vacationers to enjoy the tranquility of the natural world.

Splash Jungle Water Park

The park is situated on Mai Khao beach, Splash Jungle Water Park is the most well-known name for waterparks in Phuket and throughout Southern Thailand. There are nearly twelve water slides and a myriad of other attractions and pools for the kids to enjoy. Professional lifeguards keep the park safe and orderly in the entire waterpark. The park is an element of Centara Grand West Sands Resort. Guests staying at the resort can enjoy the thrills at no cost and it is just two kilometers away from the Phuket Airport.

Go on Phi Phi Island Tour

You'll never be far from enjoyment and beauty while you live located in Phuket since Phi Phi Island is just an easy sail from here. A beautifully beautiful holiday spot located in Krabi Province, Phi Phi Island is blessed with the very best of nature. You may be looking for the thrill of exploring an underwater world that is brimming with exotic marine species or wants to find stunning frames to complete your collection of landscapes, Phi Phi Island is abundant in many ways. All you have to do is hire a speedboat or a ferry to reach the stunning island.

Walk Around Phuket Old Town

There's probably a more effective way to walk through Phuket's Old Town to reach the heart of Phuket's tradition and culture. Every corner and crevice within the Old Town is its own unique charm that can only be appreciated when you walk around, taking in everything you see. There's plenty to see on an excursion that cannot be restricted to the old buildings street hawkers offering authentic Thai food and bustling markets that bring out the essence of traditional Phuket. With a variety of exciting experiences, this tour could certainly be among the most memorable activities that you do when on your trip to Phuket in your travels.

Similan Islands Speedboat tour

Similan Islands is a group of islands and is a national park with a lot of significance for the tourism scene of Thailand due to its extensive diversity and stunning landscape. A cruise on the island chain is among the most popular things you can do when in Phuket since it's an activity that combines emotions of excitement and excitement.

If you're located in Phuket there is a speedboat that will bring the passengers on a trip up to Similan Islands within a short duration of 90 minutes. On your way, apart from the stunning panoramas of the Andaman Sea, you'll see several islands within your view.

Enjoy Relaxing Spa Massage

Phuket is well-versed in the practice of relaxing travelers and one of the most relaxing things to do in Phuket is to get a Spa and Massage. Traditional Thai Massage is a blend of traditional massage techniques and Indian Ayurvedic principles to create an ultimate experience that soothes your mind, soul and body.

The majority of luxury hotels and resorts in Phuket offer this type of service on the website. In addition, there are a variety of spas and massage parlors that allow guests to enjoy massage and spa. It is also possible to enjoy some massages when you travel with your partner.

Phang Nga Bay Sunset Dinner

The most stunning sight is the enchanting aura that is created by the setting sun on Phang Nga Bay, and it is a truly unforgettable experience when this stunning sight is coupled with a delight to your palate. It is among the romantic activities you can do in Phuket that is in high interest from newlyweds. The Phang Nga Bay Sunset Dinner tour takes you to the most romantic places for a canoeing dinner with your partner during sunset.

Delicacies to suit your taste are offered to you while watching the sun getting taken up by the seam, making a rainbow of colors across the sky.

Witness the 140-foot Buddha

For all those who love culture and visiting Phuket This 140 feet in height monument of Lord Buddha standing on at the top of Nekkerd Hills is an amazing stunning sight to see. This is known as the Big Buddha in Phuket is a magnificent statue that demonstrates the supreme power that is Buddhism in the history and architectural style of Phuket.

The view from its shadow huge structure and marvel at the sacred beauty of the site will be the highlight in your life. Due to its size and elevated position the statue is seen from all angles, including Phuket Town and Karon Beach. Additionally, you will be able to get stunning panoramas of the town and its surrounding areas high up there.

James Bond Island Boat Tour

If you're an avid James Bond fan, you probably have seen this captivating location in the Hollywood film "The Man with The Golden Gun". To be a fan of James Bond, if you are located in Phuket don't miss going to Khao Ping Kan which gained fame in the movie as James Bond Island after several scenes in the film were filmed there.

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