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All About Keeping New Year Resolutions

If you're ready to make a New Year's resolution, read on to learn how you can make and keep that dream a reality.

By Scarlett StarkPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

As the calendar year winds down, the excitement of New Year's Eve begins to build up. In Sydney, this excitement reaches a crescendo as the city puts on one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the world. But beyond the glittering lights and festivities, New Year's Eve is also a time for reflection and setting intentions for the coming year. From fitness goals to personal growth and career aspirations, the tradition of making New Year's Eve resolutions is alive and well in Sydney. Whether you're a local or a tourist, the city offers a multitude of ways to kickstart your resolutions and make them stick. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular New Year's Eve resolutions in Sydney, and how you can turn them into reality in the year ahead. So let's dive in and get inspired for a fresh start in the New Year!

Pen It Down

To motivate you to stick to your resolutions, write them down in a diary or create a vision board. For example you have decided to step aboard one of the New Year’s Eve cruises this year, with friends and family–a plan you have never been able to fulfil all these years. Write it down. Even the reason why you are working towards the goal is to feel inspired and motivated. Also write down why this plan never worked in the first place, perhaps it’s because of your busy schedule or work stress. Find out ways to overcome this, this year around. As you refer to these points, it will surely help you in your goal setting.

Be Realistic

When you make a resolution, try to set goals that are realistic and achievable. There is a high chance you will fail to live up to your resolutions if you are setting goals that are unattainable. Take it slow, setting high goals might result in a discouraged ‘you’ and the only thing you will end up doing is ‘giving up’. It’s good to be ambitious but don’t forget to keep your foot on the ground. For example - Planning to lose 50 pounds in 2 months sounds good in advertisements, but in reality it takes more effort and time. Strive for a small simpler goal, like cutting down on 5 pounds or junk food or the like.

Set An Open Goal

The best way to feel less anxious about sticking to your resolutions is to set open goals. Open goals are non-specific, where it focuses only on how well you can do. Moreover it completely motivates you and is a big boost to your confidence. Like “How long can I stay without smoking today?” rather than deciding, “I will stop smoking in one month”. Also, when you set a specific goal, you will always feel you are lagging behind or things are not just working out. When it’s an open goal, your focus is on your starting point and how much you are progressing from it. You will pat yourself on the back as you will end up being surprised with the results.

Reward Yourself

Most importantly, don’t forget to reward yourself after you have successfully kept your resolution. That will propel you to keep your future resolutions. But don’t go treating yourself to something that distracts your resolution. For example, if you have set a goal to stop drinking, and you have succeeded in sticking to the goal, don’t think of celebrating the success by opening a bottle of champagne. Go out and have fun, party booze-free with your favourites or hop aboard one of the New Year’s Eve dinner cruises in Sydney. If you have set open goals, reward yourself at each milestone, that will always keep you positive and motivated.

New Year's Eve is a great time to set resolutions for yourself, and it makes the most of the last day of the year. Brainstorm together with your partner, family or friends what you would like to achieve in the first 30 days of the New Year. Write down your goals and the steps you would need to take to reach them. Make sure to include everything from tracking your progress to making adjustments along the way. Are you ready to take the first step towards improving your life and sticking to it?

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