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A Journey in Latin America: 5 Things to Always Remember

Everyone knows how astonishing Latin America is; the Amazon Forest, Galapagos Islands, snowy mountain peaks, fascinating wildlife, and world’s driest deserts, just to name but a few. This continent will always have something new for you to explore no matter how many times you visit.

By Flora MayerPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

But planning a journey in Latin America has its own unique set of challenges. Besides the need to learn the basics of the Spanish language, there are many more things you need to know and prepare for before embarking on your journey to this vast continent. This post gives you insights into five important things you should never forget when planning to visit Latin America .

1. To Pack Right

Because you will be trekking in the jungle for long hours, you are going to need at least two pairs of socks per day. And even before you think about the socks, you must remember to pack at least a pair of walking, and a pair of hiking shoes. Your trousers/dresses and underwear, on the other hand, needs to be breathable, because you will definitely sweat a lot under the scorching heat of the day.

Latin America gets cold at night, so you might need some sweaters, ponchos, and jumpers. A waterproof jacket will be great too in case it rains when you’re out. Lastly, it is essential that you pack some bug repellents, because South America, the Amazon to be precise, is home to millions of insect species. If you don’t have these items, you can easily acquire them conveniently through online shopping.

2. To have good travel insurance cover

If you only have one thing to remember, then that must be travel insurance. One reason why travel insurance is mandatory for your Latin America trip is that medical bills can be really expensive for a foreigner. Expect to spend up to $500 for a simple medical consultation or checkup, and more than $2000 if you are admitted to a Latin American hospital for a couple of days. A good insurance cover will cover such unavoidable costs.

Cases of theft and burglary are also very prevalent in Latin America. Travel insurance will cover you in case you lose your high-value belongings. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every South American is out to rob tourists, but even the safest neighborhoods have a few malicious individuals.

3. Book your accommodation early.

Most cities across South and Central America attract thousands of backpacking visitors on a daily basis, making it very hard to walk into a hostel unannounced and find empty rooms. Try as much as possible to book at least a day earlier to avoid inconveniences.

4. Shop for souvenirs.

Latin America has tons of souvenirs for you to bring home; great items to bring great travel memories to you and your family. If you love woolen clothes, you will definitely love clothes made from alpaca wool. Also, the continent is also home to signature textile and tapestry pieces that will bring color to your home.

If you are a lover of art, a Latin America-inspired wall art canvas will be an awesome souvenir for you. You can get canvases that display, for example, the Arizona landscape, desert metropolis, or the beach at Puerto Vallarta, among other South-America-defining landscapes.

To get the South American cultural vibe, some terracotta pottery and glossy ceramics will do. The continent boasts of outstanding ancient craftsmanship that will excite any traveler. Vases, figurines, jars, and pots of beautiful and unique shapes and designs—you will always have something to show for your trip.

Last but not least, remember to buy some bongos, classical guitars, banjos, hand-carved guiros, mejoraneras, and many other musical instruments. Argentina, Brazil, and Panama all have tons of exciting hand-made musical instruments for music-loving tourists.

5. Plan how to deal with altitude sickness.

One key downside of visiting the breathtaking sceneries at the top of Latin America’s mountains is that you can easily get down with altitude sickness. If you have never been 15,000 feet above sea level before, be prepared to deal with nausea, light-headedness, and shortness of breath during your trip. Coca tea is known to slow down these symptoms.

In Conclusion

With the five tips above, you are guaranteed an awesome experience in Latin America. Also, as we mentioned earlier, learn some basics of Spanish. It is always respectful to speak to the locals in their language. Lastly, remember to exchange your currency with the local pesos and to tip generously whenever appropriate.

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