A Guide to Attending The Melbourne Cup Carnival in 2020

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A Checklist for what to prepare before attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the race that stops the nation.

A Guide to Attending The Melbourne Cup Carnival in 2020
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The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the signature events in Australia held every year and comprises of a four-day horse racing experience like no other. The Flemington Racecourse packs with thousands of guests ranging from fashion icons, celebrities, and prominent people from all over the world eager to experience the party, food, fashion, fantastic scenery and activities that Australia has to offer and to top it, the adrenaline in the race as hooves thunder. If you are looking to experience the action Live from Melbourne, here is a guide to attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2020.

Get tickets in advance

Here is where the adage, “The early bird catches the worm” applies. Tickets to this spectacular event sell out quickly, and as soon as the announcement is made.

For the fact that the race has gained much popularity over the years, you expect that it will pack more in 2020, and you would want to miss out on the action due to the lack of a ticket.

The only way to be sure that you will be among the thousands of spectators and a visitor to Australia is to secure your attendance by booking Melbourne Cup tickets to in advance. If possible, turn on the notification to get an alert as soon as the tickets start selling online.

Secure your accommodation

Thousands of spectators mean hotels will be fully booked two weeks before the race day and days after the race as well. Since the race day is fixed, you are not limited on when to book your hotel.

The earlier, the better. Start as early as now by researching various hotels in the CBD. The main reason you want to put yourself in the centre of the party is to be as close as possible to the Racecourse.

The Melbourne CBD is home to famous museums, laneways, coffee shops, restaurants, and worldly recognized clothing shops. Give yourself the best experience while in the city. Book your hotel in the CBD in advance before it is too late.


There is more to the event that the test of speed and stamina. Purpose to arrive in Melbourne in a few days or a week before the race to get ample time to explore the city and Australia as a whole. If it is your first time to the event, it will give you a better understanding of the carnival and why there is so much hype globally about it.

This, however, cannot be possible without reliable transportation. Matters transportations need to be handled with lots of urgency as booking a hotel if you are looking to get something authentic. Embark on your search online and sort your transportation while you will be in Australia.

Dress to kill

Fashion comes second to the race, which is why you cannot afford to disappoint. As you pack for the race day and the entire period, you will be in Melbourne, only pick out outfits that you are unique, and you are sure will impress.

Also, look out for the Melbourne Cup dress code and save yourself the shame of being od one out. Everyone wants to make an impression and a statement at the event without much struggle, and the ideal way to do this is to dress to impress.

As an extra tip for ladies, ensure that you pack flats for optimum comfort as you enjoy horses battling it out on the track.

Gamble responsibly

To spice up things at the race, people place bets on horses set to race, and there is no reason you should be left behind. However, you need to avoid getting caught up in action and place bets recklessly or on an impulse.

Take time and go through a useful Melbourne Cup form guide. Gather statistics as well from sites offering Melbourne Cup betting tips to place viable and promising bets that could see you walk out of Australia with more than memories.


There is so much to experience and indulge in while in Australia for the Melbourne Cup Carnival, which calls for the need to do proper prior preparation for the 2020 race to make it an event to remember for the rest of your life.

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