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8 Must See Places in Rome

If you're visiting Rome, be sure to stop off at these places during your visit.

By Beth RosePublished 6 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - April 2018

1. The Trevi Fountain

Nestled in the heart of Rome, the Trevi Fountain is a true masterpiece. It's truly relaxing to sit under the 26 meter tall fountain and take in the incredible craftsmanship. The fountain is built upon an ancient water source, the Acqua Vergine. The design of the fountain we see today was designed by Nicola Salvi in 1730 and completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. This ancient fountain is truly incredible as you walk up one of the many side streets leading to the fountain, you begin to hear the sound of rushing water and suddenly in front of you is this stunning fountain. No trip to the Trevi Fountain would be complete without tossing a coin into the fountain and some Italian gelato from one of the surrounding parlors. I highly recommend the near by gelato shop Venchi. With chocolate running down the wall behind the counter and a choice of the most delicious flavours of gelato you could think of, Venchi is my personal favourite. Take some gelato from Venchi and relax whilst taking in the beautiful Trevi fountain. The fountain is even more of a spectacle at night, with lights shimmering over the water the fountain after the suns gone down is something not to miss.

2. The Colosseum

No trip to Rome would be complete without seeing the Colosseum. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, it is a must see when visiting Rome. Construction was completed on the Colosseum in 80 A.D. This iconic structure still stands strong in the center of Rome and is full of history. Standing under this immense structure full of so much history is truly mesmerising. For the full experience, I'd recommend paying to go inside the Colosseum. Viewing the Colosseum from inside is a positively special experience. There's also so much more to learn inside the Colosseum about the history of this incredible place. After visiting the Colosseum you can enjoy some Italian cuisine in one of the many restaurants over looking the Colosseum.

3. The Vatican City

The Vatican City is full of history, with stunning architecture and design. As you walk towards St. Peter's square and St. Peter's Basilica, you're hit with beautiful architecture from every angle. The Vatican museums are a must when visiting Rome. There's so much history in the Vatican museums and something new and interesting around every corner. The museum teaches you so much about ancient Rome and the incredible talent the Romans had to design such stunning structures and buildings in such ancient times. The Sistine Chapel is not to be missed when visiting the Vatican city. The famous artwork completed by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel is truly breath taking. You'll be taken back as you look up at the intricate details of the ceiling and the piece, 'The last judgement' covering the entire altar wall. The Vatican city is a place that cannot be missed when visiting Rome.

4. Trinity College Bar

If you're looking for a bit of nightlife in Rome, Trinity College Bar is the place to go. In the heart of Rome, this is the place to go if you want good food, good drinks and good music. The food is delicious and they have a range of delicious cocktails to go with it. This bar has an incredible atmosphere, especially when the barman starts spinning those lights above the bar. The bar has a kind of Irish pub feel, having Guinness branded across the bar. If you're looking for somewhere different to go in Rome, Trinity College Bar is a great place to go. I'd definitely recommend paying a visit before you leave the city.

5. Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill is one of the seven hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. It gives a spectacular view across Rome. Palatine Hill is part of the Roman forums and requires you to pay to enter. However, the cost is worth it as you get to walk round all the ancient Roman ruins before climbing onto Palatine Hill to be greeted with this stunning view. I recommend taking a picnic and sitting on Palatine hill whilst taking in the scenic view. You can then walk round the Roman forums and look out onto Circus Maximus, an ancient chariot racing stadium. The Roman forums and Palatine hill provide some truly stunning views of the city from every angle.

6. One of the Best Views You're Going to Get of Rome

This location was recommended to me by a taxi driver. He said that this was the best place to get a stunning view of Rome, and he wasn't wrong. To get to this spot, you have to walk up the Spanish steps and continue right. Carry on right and you'll be greeted with this fantastic view of Rome. You can see right out across to the Vatican city and even make out the outline of the wall surrounding the city. It's a breathtaking view of Rome and it's often very peaceful up there. It's a great place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city center and admire the beauty of Rome.

7. Stadio Olimpico

The Stadio Olimpico is the Olympic Stadium in Rome. If you get the opportunity to visit here it really is an amazing place with beautiful surroundings. I was lucky enough to watch a football game there. Even if you're not a football fan it's still a great atmosphere and very family friendly there. It's an incredible experience and an incredible stadium to visit. It's a bit of a way out of the center of Rome, so it takes a fair bit of traveling to, but it's definitely worth it. The Stadio Olimpico may not be part of Rome's ancient history, but it's still part of Romes rich history. The statues and mosaics around the Stadio Olimpico are part of the unaltered design under Mussolini. He wanted to send a message to the world that Italy was strong in both sports and physical strength. This history still stands there today and the statues are incredible to see.

8. The Pantheon

Hidden in the center of Rome, this incredible piece of craftsmanship is breath taking. As you walk up one of the side streets, the Pantheon suddenly appears on you and it's a stunning sight to see. The Pantheon is free to visit and is stunning inside. As you walk round the pantheon, you're constantly discovering something new about the history of it. As you look up, you see a circle of light shining down into the building and the incredible dome architecture. The former Roman temple, now a church, is a great place to sit, relax, and reflect. After visiting the Pantheon, take a trip to one of the many cafés in the square and relax with one of Italy's famous espressos whilst admiring the stunning architecture of the Pantheon.


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