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5 Tips For Living In The UK

by Traveller 2 months ago in travel tips

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5 Tips For Living In The UK
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Living in the Uk can be quite hard for those of you who are new to this lovely country. So ... lets keep it short, here are 5 Tips For Living In The UK.

1: You need to start loving rainy days

Of course I was going to start by mentioning the rainy days in the Uk 😜 .

Rainy days can seem long, boring and cold, and at first those days are going to be the ones you miss your country the most!. Fortunatley this has a solution, be prepared to be the most active as possible on those days.

Take advantage of the bad weather, go to the cinema, bowling, or go for a walk under the rain. If your working then why not going to a cozy cafe, order your favourite drink and enjoy the rain behind a window.

Basically romanticize everything you do and dont forget your umbrella ☔️

2 Avoid unnecessary expenses

Dont't even think about buying a car. Most cities have amazing public transport to move from place to place faster than any cars or taxis, this is due to the amount of traffic in the city.

You can also buy a second handed bike and move all around the city with it! Is cheap, you do exercise and is good for the environment 🌎

3 Make sure you know your loca convinience store / corner shop

This type of stores are really popular in the UK and is always useful knowing the owner of this small shop. Trust me, you'll find yourself in more than one ocation going to buy milk at 7 am in your pj's

4 Last order bell

Yep, you read right LAST ORDER BELL 🛎. UK pubs have a last order reminder and for that they ring a bell. This happens at around 11:30 so my advise is: get ready to order as many beers as your body can have in one night 🍻

5 Finding Love

Last but not least .... 🥁 Dating in the UK. Get ready to download as many dating apps that you can find in the app store/ google play. With this I dont mean you wont find someone on a pub or in a random circumstance but something that I've learn is that dating apps is a big trend here and everyone uses them.

This is all! Hope you enjoyed my 5 Tips For Living In The UK, share it and like it if you've enjoyed.

I will probably upload more stories about my experience here in the UK so let me know if you liked the Tips.

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