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5 Must-Visit Places in Sydney When You Are On a Short Tour

You don't have much time to explore Sydney, but you still want to go? Here are the five places you must visit:

By Charlotte EvelynPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Yes! Sydney has it all! Just a few cities across the globe can compete with its natural beauty, its significant history and tradition that spans thousands of years, along with its world-class experts' artistic, culinary, and cultural offerings.

This article has been written for people who want to visit Sydney, but are limited by a tight schedule.

Explore Dharawal National Park

Let’s start the list by connecting with nature. The Dharawal National Park is a protected national park that takes around an hour's drive from Sydney's CBD. This national park near Halenburg has an interesting history connected to the Aboriginal people. The local guide will accompany you on your short walk in the park and tell you fascinating stories about Indigenous Australians and their connection to the historical park.

After the walk, stop for a picnic at the beautiful Minerva Pool. Only women and children are permitted to enter this pool, as it is a sacred place for women among the Dharawal people.

The park is only open to the public on the second Saturday of each month.

2. Sydney Harbour

Sydney will be at its best when it comes to after-dark activities. Enjoying a multi-cuisine dinner with few premium quality wines on one of the best dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour while gazing at the scintillating beauty of national icons such as the Opera House, Luna Park, Fort Denison, and many more from the panoramic windows of the cruise

For many years, having a boat dinner on Sydney Harbour has been at the top of the must-do list for both visitors and locals. It will still be at the top of the list, as the experience these vessels provide has been brilliant.

3. Bondi Icebergs Pool

Sydney's most well-known ocean pool has attracted the most photos in Australia. The 50-meter saltwater pool is a congested area on the Bondi to Coogee walk and a favourite destination for sunbathers.

The baths have been a Bondi icon for over 100 years, and casual entry costs just $9, which includes use of the sauna and pool.

Every Friday at 5.30 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m., local bands performing at Icebergs' Clubhouse Sessions deliver special background scores for your swim.

4. Bar 83 - Sydney's Highest Bar

It’s time for some cocktails on the second-highest floor of Sydney Tower, which is considered the highest bar in the city to enjoy a drink.

Greater Sydney can be seen in all its glory from the Golden Bucket, with panoramic views extending to Cronulla in the south, the Blue Mountains in the west, the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park in the north, and the Pacific horizon in the east. Nowhere else in the city can you discover landscapes as breathtaking as these.

5. Cockatoo Island

It is situated at the confluence of the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers and is the biggest island on Sydney Harbour. It has functioned as a shipping yard, a jail, a movie set, and the location of festivities celebrating art and culture.

Red gums covered the area before a jail was erected there to house prisoners from Norfolk Island in 1839, and it was almost certainly an Aboriginal fishing location. The island briefly housed a navy training ship for boys and a girls' industrial school.

The island was primarily used for shipbuilding and maintenance, though. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust currently oversees the island and offers various tour options.

These are the must-visit places in Sydney, even if you are facing a shortage of time on your tour. Ideally, you need at least 15 days to explore the major destinations in and around Sydney's CBD.

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