100 Things You Should Bring When Volunteering in the Amazons

Let's get packing for your next big adventure.

100 Things You Should Bring When Volunteering in the Amazons
  1. Comfortable and easy drying clothes
  2. Waterproof boots for hiking and dirty work
  3. Anti-insect spray
  4. Something against the itch if you do get stung
  5. Sunblock
  6. T-shirts with long sleeves
  7. T-shirts with short sleeves
  8. Shorts
  9. Pants
  10. Older clothes, which you do not mind getting dirty
  11. Pantsuits
  12. A sweater in case it gets cold
  13. Hoodie for the evening
  14. A dress or skirt
  15. Compression socks
  16. Pills against motion sickness
  17. Raincoat
  18. Flashlight
  19. Passport
  20. Any medicine you might take
  21. Pills against headaches and/or fever
  22. Thick socks
  23. Thin socks or short socks
  24. Underwear
  25. Bras
  26. Something to sleep in, which is not too warm or too cold. You will probably be sleeping in a hut with other volunteers, so stay covered up.
  27. Proof of your vaccinations
  28. Some projects require a police clearance
  29. A photocopy of your passport
  30. A photocopy of your flight tickets and other travel documents
  31. Chargers for all your different electronics.
  32. A smartphone
  33. Headset
  34. Earphones
  35. Bullet journal
  36. Pens and pencils
  37. Colouring pencils for organizing your notes or drawing when bored
  38. Notebook
  39. Deodorant
  40. Makeup
  41. Birth control if needed
  42. Lip balm
  43. First aid kit
  44. Hairbrush
  45. Shampoo
  46. Conditioner
  47. Body wash
  48. Towel
  49. Bag to bring on day trips
  50. Small bag
  51. Backpack
  52. Shoes for running or hiking
  53. Flip flops for quick errands
  54. Waterproof jacket, which can keep you warm but also easy to bring with you when taken off.
  55. Waterproof cape
  56. Bathing suit or bikini
  57. Disinfection gel
  58. Toilet paper. Not all toilets have that if there even is a proper toilet.
  59. Handkerchiefs
  60. Sunglasses
  61. Toothbrush
  62. Toothpaste
  63. Facial moisturizer
  64. Hat to protect your head and eyes from the sun
  65. Water bottle
  66. After sun lotions and creams
  67. Full body moisturizer
  68. Band-Aids
  69. Blister patch
  70. iPad or tablet
  71. Tablet charger
  72. Books or an e-book reader
  73. Pads and/or tampons
  74. A adapter for your electronics in case the plugs aren’t the same
  75. Voltage converter can be necessary. Make sure to look this up before you leave
  76. Bring cash, but never carry too much on you. There can be thieves and you do not wish to lose all your stuff
  77. Belt bag or fanny pack to keep your personal belongings safe and close to your body
  78. You can invest in a water to go bottle if you wish to have access to pure drinking water at all times.
  79. Packing cubes are great for longer trips and help you organize your suitcase.
  80. Bring plastic bags. You can use these to dispose of trash or your dirty clothes. They can also be used to vacuum your clothes, so you have more space in your suitcase.
  81. Waterproof bag for electronics
  82. Dry shampoo
  83. Nail file
  84. Nail clipper
  85. MP3-player. It sounds out-dated but it will save your phone quite some power
  86. Power bank. You’ll never know when you need it the most.
  87. Driver's license. You probably won’t need it, but it’s an ID and could come in handy if you wish to rent a car.
  88. Movies. You can either download some on your phone or bring the disc.
  89. Series. You can download a bunch of stuff from Netflix to bring with you offline
  90. Keys to your home
  91. Credit card
  92. ISIC (International Student Identity Card) if you have one.
  93. A foreign SIM-card can save you a lot of money if you intend to use your phone a lot.
  94. Google maps allow you to download maps offline.
  95. E-tickets if possible. Just in case you lose the papers.
  96. Computer
  97. Computer case
  98. Please do research your possibilities to keep your computer dry if needed. There are a lot of options and you have to find the one, which works for you.
  99. This goes on your phone as well. Make sure to keep it dry at all times.
  100. Bring a positive attitude and a good mood. Not all volunteer work is fun, but if you stay open minded you will properly meet some great people and experience the most incredible things.
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