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10 Best Travel Groups for Seniors Travelling Alone

Travel Groups for Seniors Travelling Alone

By JamesMichealPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
10 Best Travel Groups for Seniors Travelling Alone
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Travel groups for seniors traveling alone offer great experiences and adventures depending upon the demand of the clients. There are unlimited benefits of traveling as it makes your mood fresh, especially for seniors or retirees, who have a lot of spare time and budget. If you are one of them then you have unlimited opportunities to explore.

Here we listed down the top travel groups for seniors traveling alone, to make your journey easy and smooth.

1. Walking the World

Walking the World is the best organization that arranges tours for seniors traveling alone. It is in Colorado and arranges hiking and walking tours, especially for senior travelers of age over 50, who are always excited about tours. Pro and experienced hikers enjoyed Rocky Mountain, National Park. They get trekking adventures some days during the 8-day journey.

Moreover, seniors can also enjoy 11 days trip exploring the stunning Cliffs of Mohar, Killarney national park, the Dingle Peninsula, rolling green hills, and a fishing village.

2. Road Scholar

In 1975, Road Scholar is an Elderhostel and in 2010, it was rebranded. Now they arrange fantastic tours for seniors traveling alone. Through the years of spending time with the seniors who were always curious and participated in learning new things such as pleasure-filled educational, field trips, tours, and lectures over the years. They arrange travel learning trips for seniors over the age of 50.

For the ideal destination and experience, Road Scholar offers grandparent travel, national parks, city exploration, cruises, and historical tours which are based on the activity level, prices, and duration of the journey. This information will help the seniors to choose the best traveling spot to get sweet memories.

3. Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad is another organization that helps senior citizens who they describe as “active, curious, and well-traveled”, by offering the perfect travel plans for traveling alone. They especially cater to travelers of age 50 and above for soft adventures and also allow adults. They concentrate on historical trips and cultural travel destinations with no strenuous activities.

They arrange walk tours for the seniors to allow themselves to feel nature leisurely. There are four levels of trips they are offering based on physical activity, from smooth walks to hikes at steep tracks. Special guidance is always provided to the seniors before going on trips.

4. Eldertreks

For seniors over the age of 50, who love adventurous destinations, Eldertreks is the right company for them. They arrange adventurous trips with small groups and travel to more than 100 countries. They excite the spirit of the senior clients by arranging hiking trips, wildlife safaris, unique expeditions, and cultural journeys.

Their trip levels are rated from 1 to 5 based on physical activity that is easy to challenging. This will help the seniors to get the trip that they feel comfortable with.

5. Senior Cycling

By KBO Bike on Unsplash

North Carolina-based travel company Senior Cycling specializes in arranging bicycle tours for active senior citizens of 50 and above.

They arrange small group tours of a maximum of 13 senior participants and a "sag wagon" is always accompanied by them, in case of someone wants to take a break from cycling.

These tours are based on three levels easy (rides bicycle on the flat and smooth ground) to advance (rides 50 miles per day with traffic and hills). They also customize tours for families and friends.

6. Firebird Tours

Senior travel group Firebird Tour is in Florida, with other international offices in Switzerland, Australia, and Malta. They arrange small group tours of senior citizens of age 50 to wonderful destinations in North America, Morocco, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Their main purpose in arranging these amazing tours is to provide value, quality, and comfort to seniors and take their part in making their moments special. History, opera, theater, northern lights, architecture, and gastronomy are the themes of Firebird Tours.

They also arrange private family tours depending on the destination and group range.

7. Backroads

Backroads is based in Berkeley, California. They arrange active vacations and are not limited to age groups but most of their clients are seniors traveling alone. They also arrange bike tours and destinations depending on the age group such as older teens to 20s, 20s to above, and teens and kids. They arrange hiking and walking tours for the groups.

8. Overseas Adventure Travel

By Cem Sagisman on Unsplash

The Boston-based travel company, Overseas Adventure Travel offers trips to popular destinations on every continent for small groups of age 50 and above. The company also offers a getaway to the senior traveling alone for both experienced and first-time adventurers. They also specially arrange some trips for females.

9. EF Go Ahead Tours

EF Go Ahead Tour is a company for seniors traveling alone and is in Cambridge. They offer trips to small groups ranging from 14 to 38 clients. Their main focus is on interests and destinations like wine, food, safari, wildlife, special events, and adventures.

This travel group also arranges private rooms for solo travelers to experience the me-time to the fullest. You can also make your group and get maximum benefits from the professional group coordinators of the company.

10. Kensington Tours

Kensington Tours is famous for arranging private trips according to the client's preferences. They successfully planned and execute tours to more than 100 popular destinations. They aim to give a great experience to seniors traveling alone of enjoying wine, food, diversity of cultures, exploring histories, adventures, and relaxation.

Kensington's mostly clients are seniors but they also offer trips to multigenerational to get adventurous and unforgettable journeys in Costa Rica, Iceland, Japan, and Italy.


Travel groups are great for those seniors who have time and money but are confused about where and how to plan solo trip to cheap destinations. They describe all the details of the destination and requirements.

You just need to choose what kind of trip you want and book it. Keep following us for amazing traveling content, tips, and tricks.

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