Your Body Is a Temple, Believe It

by Emily Zimmerman about a year ago in body

Be your own beautiful.

Your Body Is a Temple, Believe It

It’s not easy, being a heavier set girl. No, I am not staying I am “fat” nor “chunky.” Those are words of defeat. Those are words that manifest in your mind that cause you to believe you are less beautiful or not worthy enough for true love. That type of energy needs to stop, ladies and gentlemen. We are ALL worthy. We are ALL beautiful. We are ALL powerful. We are ALL loved.

Love is an incredible thing, but is also heartbreaking. How can something that is portrayed in such a positive light be so devastating at times? It is not due to others opinions... it’s your mindset. It is that lack of confidence, and I’m about to preach some confidence into you.

Body image is such a shameful thing. A woman will look at herself in the mirror and find every flaw she can before starting her day. She will take those words that he said and believe them. She will take that awful glare she got from that girl at the pool and believe it. She will destroy her mindset with those words her father/mother/brother said to her when she was just a girl. She will destroy herself. In this society, that is by far one of the easiest things she can do to herself, Using words like “fat”, “chunky”, “unworthy”, and “big.” She will count every stretch mark on her body. She looks at every roll, crease, and flabbiness, and nitpicks it until she believes it herself. “I am so fat, and so ugly.”

YOU are beautiful. YOU have the perfect body. YOU are so loved and worthy for all that is. Those stretch marks are stories. Those rolls are memories. That flabbiness is character. The utter beauty you resemble is nothing less than spectacular. You’re human, and we are the superior species. We are the top of the chain. We are one. Whether fat, black, white, skinny, gay, straight, or anything else you can think of... you are human—and you are glorious.

Wake up and look in the mirror, what do you see? A woman with dark circles and bags under her eyes? A woman with acne and dark spots on her skin? A woman with a double chin? How about this—

Wake up and look in the mirror, what do you see? A hardworking, independent woman with dark circles under those beautiful, glistening eyes? A healthy glowing woman with some acne on top of that beautifully colored skin? A curvy, sexy woman with a little bit of an extra chin under those plump, alluring lips? Like I said before, and I will scream it from the rooftops, IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND. Remind yourself every single day how extravagant you are. Tell yourself you’ve got this and get yourself together and take the day on. Walk out the door with your shoulders back, chest out and that striking smile on your face; because you’ve got this honey. You’re a strong woman, who does not need the opinions of other to shape who you are.

I had to learn this the hard way, but all the struggles and obstacles were worth it. I understand the pull this way of thinking has on your heart; how the feeling of being unaccepted each and every day can cause such a depressive state of mind. Take it from me, as long as you water yourself, you will blossom into a beautiful flower. Don’t tell yourself “it’s too hard” or “I can’t do that” because you CAN. IT IS A MINDSET.

We stand together, we fight together, and we love together. Be the woman you have always thought you cannot be. If no one else does, I believe in you.

Emily Zimmerman
Emily Zimmerman
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