You Are the Divine Feminine in Form

Do Not Apologize for It.

You Are the Divine Feminine in Form

Blessings to whatever pair of eyes may be reading this. If you identify as a feminine being, this message is directly for you. If you lean more to the masculine side, feel free to keep reading, as I'll be describing what embodying the feminine means to me in a nutshell, and going over the masculine's (equally powerful) role in that as well.

I'll start off this crash course by declaring what I believe to be truth, which is that each of us have a balance of both masculine and feminine energies inside of us, regardless of what gender expression one chooses to identify with. Masculine energy can be thought of as a forward movement, and feminine energy as a receptive being-ness. From another angle, the feminine can be thought of as free-flowing formless creativity, and the masculine as the protective container in which that energy is held. This is all metaphysical thought of course, so think of them less in tangible terms and more in qualities, such as softness, empathy, sensuality, trust, creativity, surrender, allowance, emotional openness, concerning the feminine, and focus, structured, stable, strong, logical, driven, protective when thinking of the masculine.

Now that we've got the basics down, I want to get to the real reason I felt called to type this up at all. I want to attempt to explain to feminine beings how to overturn the oppression our cellular bodies have experienced. But I want to preface with an explanation of why our innate power has been seen as weakness in relation to the ruling "shadow side" of the divine masculine that has been evident in power structures all around us. First off, since we are humans in a structured, tangible form, it may seem like visible reality is all that there is to this life, and so I cite this as one reason masculine forces have claimed the right to authoritative positions throughout history. For centuries, medicine women of many cultures who embraced the emotional power that they held beyond the physical world had been seen as witches, a dangerous threat to the shadow masculine's power, and prosecuted for embracing the innate divine feminine they knew to be true.

Thankfully, in 2019, we now live in an era where we cannot get burned at the stake for showing off our powers. Still, you may be familiar with the uncomfortable catch in your throat that comes up when a man, say, interrupts you mid-sentence, and you want to say "Excuse me, I would like to finish my thought," but something stops you. Or when you want to correct some egoic word vomit that exited said man's mouth, but a feeling of fear that you will not be heard or that your opinion will not be valued keeps you silent. This is why I am here to inform you of them. I am here to tell you that you are not weak for being emotional. You are not crazy for all the reasons men may have labeled you as such. You are a whirlwind of free-flowing creative energy (your emotions of jealousy, anger, gut-clutching laughter and excitement—these are all creations; they are ART), and you are not to be tamed.

Think of the feminine energy that you embody as the raging ocean and the masculine as the ocean floor; the ocean floor doesn't ask the ocean to slow down because it cannot handle its crashing waves. It is not threatened by the ocean's fury. This is because the mature, balanced masculine knows its role as the powerful container and protector of the unstoppable feminine energy. The more that we embrace our true feminine essence, and grow to embody her unapologetic nature, the more that the masculine beings around you will be challenged to step into their true, balanced masculine essence. This as opposed to the threatened, immature shadow of the masculine that pervades the lives of so many men today, because of standards of "toxic" masculinity, a concept which those affected are not entirely responsible for themselves. The blame can be put on "society," "media," Calvin Klein ad campaigns, whatever you want to point a finger at; I care more about pointing towards the solution. The solution I see is the one I have described earlier, that of understanding and embracing your divine feminine power through discovering your softness, slowing down, living life with more sensuality, creative intention, and loving your own heart throughout.

You may ask what this concept actually looks like when played out in real life. I'd say this journey is different for everyone, so I'll just speak from my experience, which has transformed from doing everything I thought I "should" be doing (i.e. in order to live a life deemed successful in the eyes of those I desired approval from), to being everything I want to be, regardless of the opinions of anyone else. This pertains to making the art I want to make, dancing as sensually as I please, ditching the eyelash and hair extensions I thought were necessary for me to look attractive and acceptable, wearing what I feel most comfortable in, no matter how others may label it. And generally just moving about the world a little more intentionally, sprinkling my feminine fairy dust wherever I go, no matter how I think this unconditional love I aim to spread will be received. This is a journey of faith in your own heart and that of the universe; if you're up for the challenge, be prepared to get more in tune with your intuition and emotions. Since choosing the path of no longer denying my femininity in fear of seeming weak, life has become a little more delicious; I'm stopping to smell the roses more, and my energy is becoming more and more magnetic. All in all, I am more committed to myself and this life in general, and it's attractive as hell. I'm not afraid to declare myself as beautiful anymore, and I feel the self-love radiate to those around me. There's nothing more beautiful than inspiring self-love in others through embodying it yourself first. Just see for yourself.

The feminine is not weak. The feminine is powerful, influential, soft, but silent no more. This is our time to shine, and I encourage you to shine your light as bright as you want today, then tomorrow a little brighter, and watch the moments that make up your day transform through the energy of love that we infuse into every moment, whether objectively "good" or "bad." Both the masculine and feminine when fully empowered are here to feel all that this world has to offer. Ready to get in touch?

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