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Women's Midcard Titles Coming to WWE's Main Roster Soon?

A look at the continued rumblings regarding rumors of women's midcard titles for WWE's main roster

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 15 days ago 4 min read
Kelani Jordan is the inaugural NXT Women's North American Champion

We've been calling for it for a long, long time. Now, it looks like it might be possibly close to a reality. We could be getting midcard titles for WWE's main roster collection of women's wrestlers, and it's long overdue.

Here's the thing. This current brand split has lasted for eight years now. During that time, there have been two women's championships, and the Women's Tag Team Championship has been around for five years now. The population in the women's division has increased vastly, to the point where we actually have a Women's Royal Rumble now. With all of that, a lot of deserving women don't get the elevation they deserve. If they're not in any angles for either of the two Women's Championships, they're most likely stuck in catering, because WWE still can't really push up the tag titles.

So again, midcard titles are definitely needed in the women's division.

As usual, the main roster has NXT to thank, because NXT has been beating the main shows to the punch for a decade now. It was a few months prior that NXT added the Women's North American Championship, and it was at Battleground in June of this year that Kelani Jordan defeated five other women in a ladder match to capture the newly added championship.

Regarding the possibly planned women's midcard titles in the main roster, it's simply supposed to be the Women's Intercontinental Championship and the Women's United States Championship, at the moment, and each title will be brand-exclusive. I have many ideas for these titles, beginning with who should be the first holders:

1st Women's IC Champion: Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega was WWE's first-ever Queen of the Ring

Regarding the rumored Women's Intercontinental Championship, the choice for the first holder was easy for me: Zelina Vega. Zelina is long, long overdue for an actual singles run. She's been in WWE for seven years, and she's been mostly managing. We know Zelina is one of the best wrestlers out there; we've seen it in the indies and in TNA. It was in 2021 that Zelina finally received her first solo accolade, and it was a big one: she became WWE's first-ever Queen of the Ring. That would become a Women's Tag Team Championship reign with Carmella, but so far, no true elevation yet. The biggest moment so far was challenging for the Women's World Championship at Backlash in Puerto Rico last year, and while she was unsuccessful in capturing the title, it was still quite an amazing moment for Zelina.

In addition, having Zelina serve as the inaugural Women's Intercontinental Champion would be an homage to the noted Latinx superstars who have held the IC title: Pedro Morales, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Carlito. Zelina could build off that and possibly become Women's World Champion later on.

1st Women's US Champion: Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is a former Women's Tag Team Champion

Now, wrestling fans reading this might ask, "Why not Jade Cargill?" Jade would make sense, considering she had a long midcard title in AEW, but if Jade's ever going to win singles gold in WWE, it'll be with a top title, after she wins the Rumble. I had a devil of a time making a choice, because a lot of SD's women are owed a lot. Piper Niven deserves something good, and I wanted to go with Tegan Nox, but they will never do right by her. Finally, I decided on Chelsea Green, who they also owe--big time.

Chelsea Green is getting over with big time with this overbearing, annoying Karen character she's been playing since she returned to WWE. So far, she picked up a run as Women's Tag Team Champion with the aforementioned Piper Niven, but we all know she deserves much more.

So that's who I would give the nods to regarding the first champions. But I'm not done yet.

Remember Heat and Velocity? The show originally known as Sunday Night Heat debuted during the early stages of the then-named World Wrestling Federation's Attitude Era in 1998, while Velocity debuted four years later in 2002. Velocity's debut came during the Ruthless Aggression Era's early stages, as well as the original Brand Extension. During that time, Heat served as Raw's sister show, while Velocity served the same purpose for SmackDown. I just thought of this plan hours ago, and it includes bringing back these two shows.

Now, the idea includes signing a lot more women to the WWE roster, because a deep women's roster will be needed to build up the midcard titles. Afterwards, Heat and Velocity could return, but this time, the focus would be on the fabulous women of WWE. The shows could reprise their same roles as before; Heat could feature Raw's women and focus on the Women's World Championship and the Women's Intercontinental Championship, while Velocity could feature SmackDown's women and focus on the WWE Women's Championship and the Women's United States Championship. Regarding the Women's Tag Team Championship, both shows can help build those titles up. WWE could air these shows on Netflix or Peacock exclusively.

I'm a big dreamer when it comes to women's wrestling, and I never ask for much: just the proper elevation. It's not hard to do, yet WWE seems to have a knack for making easy jobs much harder than they are. If we do get women's midcard titles, they need to really work hard to build up those belts, as well as the women fighting for those very championships.

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  • Dyllon Rodillon12 days ago

    Love the picks, very excited to see the girls finally get some mid card titles.

  • Philip Gipson15 days ago

    You're the truest sport on the planet. God bless you for posting a brand-new article on the world of wrestling.

Clyde E. DawkinsWritten by Clyde E. Dawkins

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