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Women's History Month Spotlight: Betty Ceus

New York Hair Care CEO Lands Partnership With Children’s Hospital of Miami With New Protect Aid Kits I

By Tammy ReesePublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Betty Ceus (Provided Photo)

Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care, was founded by a serial entrepreneur, Betty Ceus. As a single mother of two and preschool educator for over fifteen years Ms. Betty has earned her immense recognition. As one of the top children’s haircare brands in New York and in the haircare field, more than just a Hair Care brand NBK launched their PROTECT-AID KIT™️, a COVID-19 children essential travel kit.

From the expansion of the NBK brand with the release of the children’s covid-19 travel kit, the ingenious children's brand has secured an exclusive partnership with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital of Miami. “A Buy One, Give One Program” in which the NBK brand is donating their COVID-19 “I Am Protected Masks” to the children of the hospital.

The Covid-19 travel kits contain well-being essentials required during the pandemic for your children. Each NBK covid-19 children kit includes: Multi-vitamins, hand sanitizer, 1 customized NBK branded filtered face masks. As well, all the NBK essential products are in the interior of the on-the-go travel vinyl carrier for convenience. The travel carrier makes the NBK essentials effortless to transport for children of all ages during the global pandemic. Heightening in its notoriety a vast quantity of celebrity children have celebrated the avant-garde release of the NBK I AM Protect-Aid covid-19 kit.

The famed children in which have supported the innovative release reigns to from Meghan & Morgan True Blue Twin, actresses Andrea & Selena from Netflix “Holiday Rush”, River Mason Eromosele best-selling author seen on Forbes, actress Rylee Gabrielle King from “The Photograph” movie, Heiress Harris from “The Family Hustle'' daughter of T.I & Tiny, and Lyanie B Jean the niece of Grammy award-winner Wyclef Jean. Which, are just a few notable celebrity children to embrace the monumental launch of the NBK I Am Protect-Aid kit.

In 2016, subsequent to observing the consistent struggles parents shared with their children's hair. As well, the founder's own complexities unearthing quality hair care products for her own daughter led her on an innovative entrepreneurial journey, Having a vast zeal for children the brand, Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care, launched. In 2017, following her pursuit in quality hair care the founder pursued her stylist license. Over the duration of four years, NBK has dominated in being a children's hair care line that empowers children with diverse hair textures to love their hair. In addition, NBK has successfully provided a solution that assists parents in increasing moisture retention and promotes healthy hair growth.

Tammy Reese: What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

Betty Ceus: My entrepreneurial journey began very early on at the age of 23. I attribute my entrepreneurial mindset to my Caribbean mother, who wasn’t afraid to step outside of the box.

As a young girl, I’d watched her buy and sell wholesale goods to both local and regional eager buyers. Her courage led me to become confident in myself, and so it was inevitable for me to follow and explore entrepreneurship.

Tammy Reese: How has the experience been for Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care's current partnership & collaboration with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital of Miami?

Betty Ceus: The current partnership & collaboration experience with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital of Miami have been truly rewarding. As more support and awareness are shed on our efforts, Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care will continue to be an additional resource not only for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital but for other hospitals throughout the country.

Tammy Reese: What feedback do you get from the kids and parents?

Betty Ceus: Natural Bunch Kids has the best supporters, we are parent approved and more importantly kids approved.

As we are tagged in `videos, the excitement of each child when receiving their product bunch lets us know we are more than mere bottles, it is an experience and good vibe felt before even putting the products to the test.

Our parents are equally excited, they trust NBK with their children's hair to deliver what is promised.

Tammy Reese: Who has inspired you during the pandemic?

Betty Ceus: Despite some disappointments, I have been inspired by us as a people during this pandemic for the outpour of encouragement and support for our frontline workers.

Tammy Reese: What are some other humanitarian efforts you have been involved in?

Betty Ceus: In 2010 the people of Port-au-Prince Haiti experienced a 7.0 earthquake catastrophe, my humanitarian instincts went into action with donations.

Basic grooming essentials were needed and so Natural Bunch Kids Cares immediately partnered with the non-profit organization EDEYO Foundation to help distribute the Natural Bunch Kids grooming products in the communities most affected to the children in need.

Tammy Reese: What are you looking forward to this year?

Betty Ceus: This year brings in new hope, and a much-needed brighter & lighter energy and so we are looking forward to reconnecting with our supporters, our NBKids via small group events, as well as preparing for many retail partnership opportunities.

Tammy Reese: What advice would you have for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Betty Ceus: Being an entrepreneur requires several hats, It is a mind, body, and spirit-led connection.

Being an entrepreneur also comes with many sacrifices, you must be a student, ask a lot of questions for understanding, and know it's ok to fail forward.

The learning process begins there, fails at the smallest level but don't give up, always get up and try again this will be your test to reaching success.

Keep up-to-date by visiting and connecting on Instagram @naturalbunchkidshaircare


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