Women having equal rights.

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Even though women are far more superior

Women having equal rights.

Welcome to the 21st century where women have rights. So, we’re supposed to. Since the dawn of time women have been fighting for their rights. The right to be equal to men, and not to be treated as second class.

With the Women suffrage movement starting in 1848, which was held in Seneca Falls, New York. Where women just want to be seen more than just a vessel to create life and be a housewife who cooks, cleans, takes care of the children.

Women's Liberation movement, diverse social movement, which is largely based in the United States. In the 1960's and '70's women sought out equal rights, opportunities and greater personal freedom. This was pretty much the second wave of feminism.

Between WWI and WWII when the working man had left for war, women had to take over and go to work at places like factories and help keep the stores open. Especially after the first war when only a fraction of men was able to physically and mentally to get back to work and wanted their jobs back from the women. At this point women felt like they had some sort of (power) on the fact they had some sort of purpose besides being a housewife. Women were like ‘uhm no, we enjoy working.’ Women started feel like they had more of a purpose, than just a housewife.

Even though women had spent over a century getting equal rights and the right to vote, many still don't see women as equal to man. There are some though who do believe women are equal to man but far more superior. For many reasons to this; women create life, cope better than men under pressure. Even proven so, women still get told that it’s just dumb luck, for a female.

Even though women have made it this far, there is still a perfect image that women have to follow. Having the perfect tits and ass, must be skinny but not too skinny. Most be physically fit but not like looking like the hulk though. Also, the requirement on top of all this is to be curvy. Got to be pretty but not looking too pretty. Women get punished for having children, not having children. Getting married, not getting married.

Women get punished for the way they dress. Dressed to prerogative. Not prerogative enough. From a young age, woman are taught to not to get too drunk at a party. If they do get too drunk and something happens it’s the women’s fault, they gotten themselves in that position but never the man’s fault. The women always get asked, what were you doing there? How much did you drink? Even what wore you wearing?

What does any of that even matter? Shame the female for not being careful but not shame the man for being a pig.

We are told to be careful on what we wear. Where we go. How late we are staying out. How much we drink. Not to go on an elevator alone with a man. To make sure we are not alone at night. My boss even told us (women) to not park to far away from our client’s homes and to have our car keys ready before leaving the home.

Why is that even in today’s society women are still taught how to act and dress so no harm will come (hopefully) but men are never taught properly to not touch without consent. Men are never really taught how to keep their dicks in their pants. Women get told “boys will be boys.” What does that even mean? Boys will be boys? That shouldn’t even be a statement because it’s teaching boys from a young age that it’s ok to be like this. That also means from a young age girl are pretty much told: Oh, this naughty and bad behaviour means he likes (loves) you. We classify this as normal behaviour. No, this isn’t normal behaviour and we should stop this behaviour. Men and Women should be equal. We are all human and should be no reason why we have to tear down another gender.

Women have the right to do as they please but are always held accountable for everything that happens to them. From being told what to do with their bodies; they get pregnant it’s their choice to do what they want. But if they choose to keep the baby, they get told all of the pros and cons. The women choose to abort the child, all of a sudden, the women are now a monster. But the man at any time can leave and doesn’t have to be a part of the child’s life. But that man is also the one to shame the women for aborting the child for which ever reason she has. But having a baby never ruins the man’s life. Having a baby only affects the women’s life.

Even today with equal rights for the same job, same qualifications the man gets paid on average 21% more.

So, in today’s society, what is the definition of equal rights? Everyone is here for their own purpose in life. We are all here for our own personal journey we call life. But we are too busy worrying what everyone else’s doing that we often forget our own path. By time we realize and get back to our own path it’s too late and life is practically over.

Maybe I am being biased because I am being female. But women are able to do the same things and jobs that men are. The same thing for men, men are capable to do “a women’s job.” But we as humans should be embracing each other’s achievements in life. As well as encouraging them to succeed further instead of bringing them down due to their gender. Genders are too overrated to begin with.

Jen Moose
Jen Moose
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