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Women and Plastic Surgery

by Tanisha Dagger 5 years ago in body
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What Today's Society Thinks of Plastic Surgery and What It Can Do to Your Mental Health

Many women these days go through the idea of plastic surgery, to change the way they look or to make themselves feel better about the way they look. This is the result of today's society, the magazines, social media, and television. However, not everyone feels the same way about having plastic surgery or someone they know having plastic surgery.

Some even believe that young kids (such as 9/10-year-old's) are actually thinking about having reconstructive surgery because they are unhappy with the way their bodies are growing.

This is only where I am going to express my "opinion." I'm not going to say that no one should get plastic surgery or those who do are wrong. Because it's really nothing to do with me, this will mostly be what I think about plastic surgery. However, sometimes it helps to have different information about certain things that you may not realize or may have forgotten.

Although today's generation of children are being brought up a lot different to what I remember 20 years ago, they have a lot more technology than I had and a lot has changed within the 20 years, such as different governments, different laws, information, and regulations. However, most of these won't affect plastic surgery, although the items that have changed the perspective of plastic surgery are the magazines and social media that is around today.

My opinion about the social media and magazines is that they don't use a variety of women or men that they should. They're only "using" the men and women that look "hot or beautiful," but they are also only using men and women who either have big boobs or have abs. It's only recently that’s started to introduce tattooed models because of how popular tattoos are becoming. It's very rare that you will ever see a woman with small boobs or a larger man being used for any advertising or any modelling for wealthy magazines. This is where children of today are getting the image of a "perfect" body, although my generation were still believing and following Marilyn Monroe (with her "perfect" body).

But it is down to us and the parents of children today to be able to change the way society and social media are portraying the kinds of women that they are, because some believe it is putting pressure on children and young adults who haven't begun to grow into the women or men they will become later on in their life. The children of today shouldn't be growing up around technology. They should be growing up naturally going out and playing in the dirt, climbing trees, and being home when the street lights turn on.

Now on to the subject of what has affected my mental health. I am also going to explain why I want/wanted to have plastic surgery.

I was never very serious about plastic surgery when I was younger but it has become more apparent in recent years. The most plastic surgery that I have wanted to get is having a breast augmentation. I have always been self-conscious about my boobs from around the age of 12 when everyone else's were growing bigger and bigger but mine seemed to not be growing at all.

A few years went by and I had only grown to about a 32a - 33c. I've never been officially measured because I've never really seen the point. I have worn either padded bras or padded bras a few sizes up, just to give the impression that I have something a little bit more than what I already have. I've never followed social media to the point where I want to be exactly like the models, but over the years I've put myself down constantly because I've lead myself to believe that I won't be any good for anyone because I don't really have much to offer.

However, with my current partner, he is trying to get me to change my outlook on my life and the way that I look at myself. He believes that I don't need bigger boobs to be attractive or have anyone fall for me because it's not all about the looks, which I already know, but it's nice to have a few extras.


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22 years old.

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