Why Tiana Is the Best Disney Princess

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5 Reasons Why Tiana From 'The Princess and the Frog' Is the Best Disney Princess

Why Tiana Is the Best Disney Princess

I’ve always been a fan of Disney, and I’ve probably watched more Disney movies than any other 20-year-old. Although the Disney princess movies (well, some of them) haven’t always been my favorite, I have seen them all more times than I would like to admit. But when I saw The Princess and the Frog for the first time in theaters, I knew Tiana was the best Disney princess thus far.

1. Tiana works hard for what she has and wants.

Tiana is an extremely hard worker, and she has an amazing work ethic. She was mocked and made fun of for sticking to her work, instead of going out to have fun with her friends. She has determination and is willing to sacrifice to reach her goals. She works hard because she wants to earn what she has for herself and not take handouts. There was another princess who worked hard (Cinderella), but she was forced to work hard by her step-mother. Being forced to work doesn’t quite send the same message as someone who works hard for herself. I think this is an important message for everyone, and especially to kids with dreams.

2. Tiana has strong values.

Tiana grew up with her mother and father, and they were three peas in a pod. Her parents loved her and taught her the values she practiced throughout the movie. She was very close with her father, and she inherited her father’s dream. Her father taught her to work hard for what she wanted and not to take the easy way out. She practiced these values throughout the film in specific ways. One of them being the refusal to take the “easy deal” from the shadow man, and she never lost sight of what was important. But these values weren’t exclusive to her restaurant dreams; they also applied to her relationships. She showed values of selflessness and love to her family, her friends, and Prince Naveen.

3. For once, the princess wasn't the one sacrificing for the prince.

In most Disney princess love stories, the princess gives up her previous life to be with the prince. But in The Princess and the Frog, it was Prince Naveen who gave up his past life to be with Tiana. He gave up marrying Charlotte and the prospect of a life of riches and leisure to be with Tiana. Because of that, Tiana didn’t have to give up on her dream of the restaurant.

4. Tiana's dream wasn't to find a man.

Tiana had a dream for herself that she could accomplish. She wanted to make her own dream come true and start a restaurant. Her dream wasn’t to meet Prince Charming, or be swept away by a rich guy to live a life of leisure. I’m not saying that there is any harm in having the desire to find a significant other. But some other Disney films portray falling in love as the be all, end all. But healthy people have dreams other than marriage or partnership. Because realistically, another person cannot fulfill all your needs and dreams.

5. Tiana is a good role model for young girls.

All the characteristics portrayed by Tiana in this film make her an excellent role model for young girls. Tiana is one of the most relatable Disney princesses, because she is realistic. She has the doubt and struggle that dreamers have. She goes through hard times, and her actions and emotions show it. But she is inspirational because she doesn’t give up on her dreams; she keeps on trying. Her endearing character, coupled with her realistic approach to life and her strong work ethic make her a wonderful role model.

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