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What should women pay attention to during menstruation

women pay attention to during menstruation

What should women pay attention to during menstruation

Women are in a sub-healthy state during menstruation, so there are many things that need attention, and some things cannot be done. Women must pay attention to some details during menstruation, otherwise it will be very harmful to women. Especially some women feel that there is no need to pay special attention. It may be that you are still young. When you reach a certain age, some problems will arise over time. So what should women pay attention to during menstruation?

1.Do not wash the vulva

Many women think that they tend to catch colds during menstruation. Therefore, they are not accustomed to washing the vulva, and are afraid of getting cold and sick during the washing of the vulva. Please remember that the vulva should be cleaned during menstruation, because menstrual blood, urine and other secretions will stick to the surface of the vulva. If the vulva is not cleaned in time, bacteria can easily multiply.

Therefore, during menstruation, be sure to prepare to clean the vulva. If the weather is cold and women are afraid of getting cold, please turn on the warm light in the bathroom, then moisten the towel with warm water, and then wipe the skin and hair on the surface of the vulva with the towel. After cleaning, you can put on a new panty pad and put on a new sanitary napkin.

Of course, if you take a bath, you don't need to wipe the vulva separately. You only need to wash your hands while taking a bath, and then gently scrub the vulva.

2.Don't change underwear in time

During menstruation, you need to put sanitary napkins on your underwear, otherwise, menstrual blood will flow out. Some people do not change their underwear during the menstrual period, and do not change them until the menstruation is over. Because they think that the underwear should be attached to the sanitary napkin, the crotch will get glue. If it is changed frequently, it is easy to cause all the underwear to be stained. Waiting for the menstrual period to wear such underwear, if not washed, it will cause great damage to the health of the private parts.

This is wrong, because menstrual blood is easy to get on the underwear during menstruation. If it is not changed in time, the menstrual blood keeps on the underwear, it is easy to breed bacteria, and it is easy to induce infection and cause inflammation.

3.The sanitary napkins are not changing

Sanitary napkins must be used during menstruation, which is to absorb menstrual blood. Some women like to use thick sanitary napkins with strong absorption capacity, because after using them, they often do not change sanitary napkins often. For the sake of health, sanitary napkins must be replaced frequently. Otherwise, if the time is used for a long time, the sanitary napkins will absorb too much menstrual blood, causing the private parts to become very wet and dirty, increasing the risk of infection. Therefore, when women use sanitary napkins, please pay attention to timely replacement, and don't be so lazy.

4.Not suitable for eating fried food

If women do not eat anything during their menstrual period, such as eating fried foods, they are prone to acne, hemorrhoids and so on. During menstruation, the progesterone secreted in the female body will affect her sebum secretion, at this time the skin will become more greasy, and the capillary dilatation will also make the skin more sensitive. In addition, the metabolism of fat and water in the body during menstruation will be slower than usual, so eating fried foods will also allow fat to accumulate in the body.

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