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What are the manifestations of female aging

by Harris Oralee 8 months ago in health

manifestations of female aging

Everyone has to experience aging. Some women feel sorry for themselves because of aging, while some women are optimistic about aging. In addition to always optimistic about things, I also actively do maintenance every day. Therefore, they seem to be several years younger than women of the same age. It is recommended that if women find that they are aging, they should do maintenance as soon as possible. Only by doing it can they age slowly and look younger and younger than others.

1.Endocrine is always abnormal

For women, many people know that endocrine abnormalities are not good, but because such conditions occur too frequently, women ignore it. It is important to know that women’s aging is related to endocrine, because this situation is mostly caused by too little estrogen secreted in the body. This will greatly reduce the circulation speed of the human body. If the human body is not functioning normally, it will cause many parts of the body to gradually lose function and gradually age. Eventually, women's aging will come closer.

2.Excessive menstrual blood volume

Menstrual bleeding is originally a normal process, and women have to go through it once a month. However, when women have excessive menstrual blood volume for N consecutive months. Then women should pay attention, your body is aging faster. Because part of the discharged menstrual blood is normal blood in the human body, once too much is lost, the woman's body will not be nourished by blood. It is equivalent to the absence of nutritional supply. When the major organs and skin of the body are not provided with nutritional support, the activity capacity will be greatly reduced, and the function will naturally be much worse. If you have been unable to get blood supply, your body will gradually age due to insufficient nutrients. So, if you find that a new aunt’s towel is covered with menstrual blood within an hour after you have drained menstrual blood for several months, then it means that your menstrual blood volume is too much and you should check it out. Otherwise, if this continues, the body will age quickly.

3.The time of menstrual bleeding is not fixed

As a woman knows, the best time to discharge menstrual blood is the same every month. It cannot be too early or too late. If you can't catch the regularity of the time to drain the menstrual blood, then you must take care of yourself quickly, otherwise the aging will accelerate. The reason for saying this is that if the time of draining menstrual blood is not fixed, it means that the regeneration of the body's cells is abnormal. Once the cells cannot grow normally, it will not be able to fill the gaps in cell aging. As a result, there are not enough new cells in the body to replenish. Therefore, the old cells are not active enough to accelerate the aging of the body and skin.

How can women fight aging?


This kind of food is an anti-aging food that many people know, because eating it can not only resist oxidation, but also protect human cells. When your skin absorbs the nutrients of honey, skin elasticity is significantly better. Furthermore, the nutrients of honey can also promote the regeneration of epithelial tissues and make your skin better.


I have eaten many of these vegetables. I reminded me that eating carrots is good for the skin. Because it is rich in vitamin A that can make the skin delicate, and the carotene contained in it can also help the body to remove free radicals that will make the body aging. It is recommended to use it as a daily dish, and it can also be squeezed into vegetable juice for drinking. Of course, if the taste of vegetable juice is not acceptable, it is better to simply cook it as a dish.

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