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We Are Beautiful

by Atley Jeanine 4 years ago in feminism

How To Love Ourselves

We as women have so much to be compared to. When it comes to the various platforms or social media, and how everything involves pictures (selfies) of ourselves. Which we filter and doctor until we barely look the same. I am writing this in hopes that we can come together and learn to love ourselves. Or for you, the girl reading this, that can’t seem to find a single beautiful feature in herself, to finally know how to love yourself. This is where I want to start, this is why I wrote this, to open the eyes of other women, to see what I see when I browse the internet, when on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tumblr or any other site that pictures; I see hatred, and animosity towards other women when we should only show love and kindness.

I was never, ever a skinny girl, and now as an adult, I’m still very curvy. The smallest pant size I ever wore was a 9, and the biggest was an 18. I’ve bounced through those sizes since I was 9 years old. I have breast but no butt, and I have been bullied plenty for my outward appearance. And I’m not talking about what I wore, which shockingly enough, considering I was the goth kid, in a school in the "bible-belt," I was mainly bullied for being a big girl. And after high school, it felt like it got worse, I couldn’t get any dates and I didn’t want to go out. It became too overwhelming, and I became borderline anorexic. I wouldn’t eat, and if I did, it was barely enough to survive without the massive migraines and dizziness. I was unhealthy, but I was as skinny as my body type could get. And one day, after my long term partner cheated and broke up with me, that I realized. I was at least healthy when I was bigger, and that it doesn’t matter if others judge me, because this is me, and I need to learn to live with that. And I did.

This isn’t just about weight, mind you. This is about how women see themselves, because weight is one of the biggest things. But it’s a lot of others too. It’s our hair color, the way we dress, the way we act, how we do our make up, what job we do, that is criticized. And most of the time, it’s by other women. Which it just wrong, in my opinion. Women are powerful and beautiful, no matter their body type, skin color, hair color or any other thing that could possibly be judged. And we should love ourselves, and we should love each other. But it starts with ourselves. Once we, each love our own reflection, others will soon love it as well. I want us women, to come together and love each other, but I want us to love ourselves first. So go look in the mirror, and find the things you like most about your appearance and focus on those. And don’t pay attention to the things you don’t like. Sit down and think about yourself, and find the beautiful parts of yourself, and let them shine brighter than anything else. Because we are beautiful and we are allowed to love ourselves no matter what.

And so for ALL of you beautiful women, every single women/girl/female or whatever, take a moment; a give another a compliment. Say something nice about their hair, makeup, clothes, or shoes. I don’t care, just be kind and be nice, and show love to one another. It takes a few moments of your day, while you browse through social media to send another woman a compliment. Even though we are powerful, and we are independent, a compliment can change a person's entire day. Please, my women, be kind and show love.


Atley Jeanine

Writing has always been a release of pent up feelings, and like myself, some enjoy reading people’s stories so they don’t feel alone. Welcome, hello.

Be kind and give love 💚

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Atley Jeanine
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