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Waist Trainers Are a Scam, Personal Trainers Are Not

by Melissa R 2 years ago in fitness

The only effects you'll be getting from that waist trainer are restricted mobility, an inability to breathe properly, and compressed internal organs.

Waist Trainers Are a Scam, Personal Trainers Are Not

My fellow ladies, we want to be beautiful. We want to be slim with curves in all the right places. And I can assure you that waist trainers have no part to play in the pursuit of beauty. There is no quick-fix to a small waist except for surgery!

The only effects you'll be getting from that waist trainer are restricted mobility, an inability to breathe properly, and compressed internal organs.

Even worse, waist trainers actually cause you to lose abdominal muscularity! This is because waist trainers take over the role of supporting your posture. Therefore, your abs won't be working as hard to hold you up throughout the day. Eventually, this will result in muscle loss.

The best effect you'll get from your waist trainer is losing water weight from sweating like crazy inside that plastic cage! As soon as you rehydrate and have your next meal, that water weight will come right back.

You may also eat less due to a compressed stomach. However, I can assure you that your natural appetite is much stronger than the tightest of waist trainers. The best way to lose weight is to exercise and diet correctly, which is fuelled by education and willpower alone.

I must add that some ladies cannot achieve an hourglass figure. This is because some bodies do not naturally curve inwards at the waist. This also applies to the leanest of women; some athletes have a flat stomach due to their strict exercise and diet regimes, yet they do not appear to have a waist. Take Jessica Ennis, for example. My point here is that some women are not made to have a small waist. Save yourself the money and don't buy a waist trainer.

Jessica Ennis

So why do people use them? Because they have become convinced that they'll get a small waist using this product, thanks to some great marketing. Certain companies use the Kardashians to promote their product, which certainly attracts the attention of thousands of women.

However, we must not be so blind to this marketing. It's naive to ignore the fact that the Kardashians looked pretty fabulous before they ever mentioned these waist trainers. That's thanks to their excellent personal trainers, dieticians, and surgeons. There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that waist trainers have any role to play in achieving a slim waist.

So what can you do to get a small waist? Weight training and a good diet!

If you want to lose weight, which will result in a smaller waist, you need to be in a caloric deficit. If you aim to reshape your body into an hourglass figure, follow my advice below:

You should regularly train using heavy weights. Deadlifts and squats are excellent full-body movements that work the core. If you're able to do these exercises with heavy weights, you may not even have to do ab exercises to get some great abs! However, it will help if you do ab exercises regularly. In order to gain this muscle, you need to eat sufficiently and healthily. Maybe start taking multivitamins and omega 3 supplements to boost the muscle-building process. Building muscle will reshape your body in the right places. You will create an hourglass figure by increasing the size of your upper and lower body, whilst your waist trims.

After you have gained the amount of muscle that you're happy with, you may want to lose some fat. This involves being in a caloric deficit. But remember, even if you're eating healthily, you could still be gaining weight! You need to eat less calories than you burn off each day. I must specify that burning calories is not solely down to exercise — your body will burn around 1500 calories per day, just to keep you alive and functioning. However, the amount of calories you burn is dependent on your current weight, height, and activity levels. You can work out how much you burn on various websites that consider this information.

Good luck, ladies, and please don't be tempted to put on that waist trainer.

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