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The Playlist for Your Entire Cycle

by Say Yes to Nourish 5 months ago in body
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The Playlist for Your Entire Cycle
Photo by Monika Kozub on Unsplash

Let’s be real – periods haven’t had the best PR team. They’re positioned as the biggest inconvenience with no fun to be had (and for some folks, yes this can be the case). Which certainly doesn’t set the stage for a healthy and positive relationship with our periods.

I’m here to make an argument for infusing some fun into your cycle. Meet the playlist for your entire cycle, broken into phases with my favourite tracks. Note: many of these tracks are explicit.

Menstrual Phase: the time for relaxing and reflecting… and bleeding.

The Cure by Lady Gaga - Honestly if this song hasn’t gotten me through my worst things. A loving but punchy tune for that self-care you’re needing.

Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer – did I pick this song because it’s one of my favourites and contains the word blood in it, therefore making it a perfect candidate for a menstrual phase list? Yes. It’s not a slow or soft song by any means… you’ll want to check out the acoustic version for those vibes. The beat to this song is incredible, and can be so mind-clearing when things feel cob-webby and ick.

In My Blood (Acoustic) by Shawn Mendes – a powerful ballad sung by a beautiful singer? I’ll take one please. It’s another favourite that made the qualifying rounds by having blood in the title. No, that’s not cheesy.

bad guy by Billie Eilish – the menstrual phase of the cycle can often be mistaken for the “bitchy” and emotional vibe. While I’m all for debunking this, there is something liberating about imagining badass power that follows you no matter where life takes you.

I’m a Mess (Acoustic) by Bebe Rexha – when the regular version of this song comes on in the car, I am belting it out. Honestly. The acoustic version is a softer way to celebrate the embarrassing, the disorganized and, well, the mess. Especially the shoutout to our therapists.

Follicular Phase: an energy perk for the car ride to work or the morning routine.

Mint by Qveen Herby – you’re out there grinding and making that money. We’re starting the follicular phase manifesting abundance and success for ourselves.

Shake It Out by Florence and The Machine – my favourite track for dancing off the leftover menstrual phase energy and shifting into the follicular mindset.

Woman by Doja Cat – with the progression towards the ovulatory phase, libido is building and this track is perfection.

Motivation by Normani – see above!

Ovulatory Phase: the peak & prime of the cycle, get ready to dance!

Cut To The Feeling by Carly Rae Jepsen – if you have never danced to this, you’ve missed out. Blare this from your speakers and get ready to jump!

Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rid ft. David Guetta – this song is so cheesy, but reminds me of all the teen dances I went to and the pure, unadulterated excitement of being in a group of friends, laughing and dancing all night.

just like magic by Ariana Grande – Ari knows what’s up. We’re bringing what we want into existence with a snap of our fingers.

Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliot – whether you’re aiming for that promotion at work or planning baby-dancing, this is the track to listen to.

Wonder Woman by Kyara Sheeran and This is Lema – if you identify as a woman, this track is smooth and empowering; perfect to align during this phase.

Luteal Phase: a wind-down to soothe the mess you’re probably feeling.

Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne – you’ve got this. My favourite ballad for the soul and the self.

Let It All Go by RHODES and Birdy – the title is almost enough for me here. Now’s the time to let go of pressures, expectations and reflect on the cycle.

Across the Sea by The Sweeplings – light and airy with a bouncy energy, the perfect mental escape when the luteal phase feels chaotic and dark.

Be Kind by Marshmello and Halsey – you’re being mean to yourself… stop it. Play this on repeat before your period to check yo-self.

Have your own cycle tracks you love? Share them with me!

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Say Yes to Nourish

I help people with periods navigate menstrual health education & wellness with a healthy serving of sass (and not an ounce of nutrition pseudoscience).

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