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The Nude Woman

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By Selena amor Published 3 years ago 4 min read
Anne in black and white

With the year coming to an end, I wanted to create something I have never done before. Throughout my journey in Hawaii, I found an ocean that gave me the understanding of acceptance. It gave me the understanding of gratitude of everything around me. I’ve always found the beauty within people, but this spot gave me a different perspective. The appearances of others around me has shown me the realization, we are all unique in our own ways. How people come together as a community forming a family together and dance as rainbows form in the sky. Holding hands around the drum circle as the fire heightened while chanting. No matter your color, gender, or appearance. Everyone welcomes you with open arms and treats you as their own.

I met a special person who stood out to me the most. We had always crossed paths but never exchanged words until recently. Anne is someone I believe could make a difference with how she presented herself. Strong, confident, and powerful. I had never come across anyone like her, so I decided to ask her to participate in my blog. Anne agreed to allow me to photograph and interview her to share her story.

I present to you, Anne.

Born and raised in Iowa city with her adoptive parents. Anne and I went into details of her growing up with her mom, being apart of the LGBTQ+ and speaking on the behalf of body positivity.

What was it like growing up?

“My mother was very into diets growing up. She would always call me a pretty girl when I’d lose a little bit of weight. The only things that mattered was my hair, nails, she was a very materialistic person. My mom would get pissed at me when I over ate, she had me on diets from the age of 8 to taking vitamin shots at age 12.”

How did your relationship affect you growing up?

“There was a lot of anger and anxiety that I hadn’t worked through. But remember you always have to forgive yourself . No matter how old you are, it’s okay to forgive yourself if that’s something that holds you back from loving yourself. I’ve learned i’m going to love myself no matter who I am.”

Why do you think it’s important to spread awareness ?

“You can spend your whole life being anxious about the way you look. Or you could just feel good about who you are. Then move onto the next thing, that’s the best thing you can do. If you want to be healthy and happy just don’t add that extra layer of worry. I want to help others. I want to do the right thing, I want to work, I want to be productive, I want to exercise. I want to eat good food and live, I don’t want to live fake.”

Down below are pictures of Anne and her friend Ruthanne. To embrace the different shapes of our bodies. To present we are all equal.

As we went on with our interview, Anne opened up to me about her sexuality and being apart of the LGBTQ+. Going into this interview I wasn’t aware of her being a part of the community and this had me stoked to share on the blog!

When did you become aware of your sexuality?

"Ive identified as bi-sexual for about a decade now, maybe more. I think I always knew, I just didn’t advertise it. I think that I just suppress that i’d even want to sleep with men because I had been traumatized as a kid. ”

“Being bi-sexual back in the day was still a big no no, all of my lesbian friends were against it.”

Anne spoke about her journey growing up in a lesbian community called:

“The Michigans Womyns Music Festival”

“I heard about it from the lesbian community in Iowa. I was a rebel and didn’t care what the community thought of me. I went from 1987-2015, I only missed one year in 2011. There would be 7 to 8,000 woman who would show up. It was crazy! Unfortunately, 2015 is when it closed due to economics. The Human Rights campaign in 2014 decided to go against because it was woman on woman. There was child care and free health care. All you needed to do was sign up, do a couple of work shifts, either in the kitchen or cutting hair. They had workshops, basketball, August night cafe, open mics and so much more. Their services were unbelievable!”

What would you say to those who are questioning?

"Take your time and go with your heart. Look deep into yourself and think about what your heart says. Is there any influences around you to falsely believe or has trauma influenced you.”

Working with Anne was by far one of my most important pieces i’ve put together. I was fortunate enough to learn the stories she had to share and create her into a series. She taught me to love the skin we are given and embrace who you are no matter what. To forgive yourself no matter the hardship you have faced or held against yourself. That your sexuality doesn’t define you because we are all developing to our true selves everyday. Just be yourself and simply live for you.


About the Creator

Selena amor

Hello everyone! I’m sel and a creative writer. I’m working on my first poetry collection now! I’m also a photographer and blogger. I hope you love what I show you all.

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