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The Dress

by Cid Lough 13 days ago in fashion

a symbol for more sustainable living

The Dress
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Want to up your sustainable and responsible living game? Try wearing the same dress for 100 days in a row.

You heard me right!

Let me tell you about The Dress... the Wool& dress, that is.

Wool&’s company values are: “Live simply. Consume carefully. Do good.” Their first big marketing campaign? They found 13 women to wear one of their Rowena swing dresses for 100 days in a row, and share their experiences.

The women walked away with some big insights, and the company continues to encourage women to take the “100 day dress challenge” and wear any of their dresses for 100 days in a row. They’ll even give you $100 towards your next dress if you complete your 100 days!

my first 10 days in The Dress

Is wearing the same dress for 100 days feasible? Wouldn’t it get boring? Well, I’m only on day 26 but I’ll share what I’ve learned so far…

By Noah Buscher on Unsplash

This challenge fits right in to the changes I’m trying to make in my life and in our home. I’m moving towards LESS STUFF and higher quality, reusable items in every place it makes sense to do so.

Less stuff: I’ve decluttered (so far!) over a dozen boxes of household items after just one sweep of the house. {Does anyone else have 5 frying pans? Good grief, why would anyone need five frying pans? I bought new pans and never got rid of the old ones... and it’s not like I even used them--they just sat in the back half of the kitchen cabinet and collected dust!} If you need help with your home, I *highly* recommend the Take Your House Back program. Really, go check it out!

Reusable products instead of single-use: I found Last Object products a couple of years ago... they started with reusable q-tips. (They offer both nubby ear and smooth makeup versions.) And then reusable tissues. Yes, like the hanky your grandfather carried, but in a cool case that keeps the used ones from the clean ones. We love them! And they now have reusable “cotton rounds”. Why not replace every single-use item in our home?! I will certainly do that as more choices become available.

What other single-use items can you think of to replace? I guess I actually started doing this waaaaay back with cloth napkins. My oldest son was visiting last month, and asked how long we’d had our napkins--he can’t remember a time without them (and he’s in his 20s, so yeah those things have lasted forever and are still in great shape!)

least favorite part of the challenge for many... the daily selfie

So anyway, back to The Dress!

I’m in my fourth week of wearing the same dress every day, and I have to say, it hasn’t felt like much of a challenge at all. Honestly, I think this challenge was designed for someone like me: I love loose, layered clothing. I’ve gained weight and just want to be comfortable in my clothes as I learn how to love this current body I’m in. And I’ve always enjoyed finding a piece of clothing I like and making it into something of a “uniform”.

My Wool& Rowena in Washed Navy fits the bill!

Having one decision made in my morning routine (what I’m basing my outfit for the day on) is super helpful. I just have to decide what leggings and scarf or necklace to pair with my dress. I can totally see having a couple more Wool& dresses in the future--after I’m done with the challenge--to serve as the core of a pared down wardrobe. The longer I wear my dress, the less attached I am to pieces of clothing hanging in my closet that aren't perfect for me... oooh, I can feel another round of decluttering on the horizon!

Boring? I don’t think so. Better words to describe what I’m experiencing--




By Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Unexpected bonus: less laundry!! My boyfriend was traveling for work for a couple of weeks, and I had to throw cloth napkins and kitchen towels in with my leggings and underwear to deem it a small load... for the entire two weeks!

Merino wool (what the dress is made from) has some amazing properties, one of those being that it is naturally odor resistant. As in, I’ve worn this dress every day, for weeks, and haven’t washed it once yet.

Gross? Nope… I just hang it up in the bathroom every night, and by morning it is fresh and ready for me to wear again! Seriously. (And I would call myself a stinky person... like I finally found a natural deodorant that works for me but I need to reapply it before bed. And I’m super sensitive to smells, so there’s no way I could wear something that even faintly smells like B.O.) Just another thing to add to my long list of reasons why I love my Wool& dress.

So what about you? Do you think you could wear the same dress for 100 days straight? Are you finding new and fun ways to live more sustainably? I’d love to hear about them! 💜

Cid Lough
Cid Lough
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