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Superman Should Not Have Opinions About Dating

Henry Cavill and the #metoo Movement...

By Maura DudasPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Our new mustachioed Superman, Henry Cavill — good-looking dude — said a couple of things.

Unsurprisingly this caused him to then apologies vehemently because people got offended. As they would.

I have previously talked about how I question toxic masculinity and how it may only be a cloaked representation of traditional, gender-specific male behaviour that today's 'empowered women' willingly misinterpret.

Why? Because it's easier than actual seeing some sense in what other people say or simply not cherry picking aspects of a conversation that potentially could be sensationalised.

Henry Cavill dared to speak out on behalf of man men who criticised the sensitive climate brought on by the #metoo movement. His accusation of the movement entailed that he'd rather refrain from dating or approaching women in his dating life, since as a public figure and someone who believes in traditional courtship and the thrill of the chase, had he been labelled a rapist for his flirtations it would end his career.

Which is a sensible thing to do. Since as we've seen it's never been easier for a man to lose his job and get his career of a lifetime destroyed over allegations. Obviously real predators, those who abuse their power should be prosecuted and imprisoned as punishment.

Nothing illustrates the current sensationalist climate more than having lengthy debates about what someone said long after they're absolutely uninterested in the topic and have apologized for their misinterpreted opinion.

Women forget how lousy and vile they can be. And me, the antagonist of my own gender, like to remind them of that. As the 'notallmen' failed attempt tried to exclude them from the predatory circles of Hollywood, a 'notallwomen' should remind all females that they're not exempt from exploiting their own privileged status.

I have heard stories of women tricking men into having children they did not want. I have heard of women accusing men of harassment after consensual sex, deciding in the morning that after all they didn't reeeeallly enjoy it that much. I have heard of women threatening men with calling the police and telling them he raped her had he not let her sleep with him, in his bed. I have heard of women lying to their partner with a little daughter that have a place to go after having to move out from their home then not delivering on this promise.

And least but not last I have heard of men being afraid to approach women - not only because of rejection. Henry Cavill has spoken out on behalf of any men who have given up because they do not want their lives destroyed by an empowered woman. And I wholeheartedly understand.

Some women have become oversensitive and will take certain things too far. As will men, I admit. The argument is far from one sided. The single fact however that women will throw such things as 'if you can't tell the difference between between flirting and raping then you're better off not talking to women anyway' at his head is sublime hypocrisy. Women aren't saints. And the #metoo movement as the French actresses like Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot have predicted have horseshoed. It is no longer about catching the predator. It's about making an excuse for our horrible behaviour by deflecting the blame on the other party. Not just that but making false accusations which can be terminally detrimental to a person's life especially in the case of rape since it is so difficult to investigate.

If anything Henry Cavill did a good deed and a service in the name of those fellows who would love to mingle, and would pursue women in the traditional way and enjoy the thrill of the chase that today's 'empowered women' get mortally offended by. You know what? No, we should let men court if they want to. If they want to put the effort into getting to know someone, we should make a space for them where they can goddamn do it. There's less and less men willing to invest because their investment might bite them in the ass and ultimately cost them their livelihood.

And let me tell you something women - women can just as well misinterpret a situation and have no idea what constitutes as harassment sometimes as men don't. Yes, it may seem clear-cut that flirtation is not rape but some women, as for example Aziz Ansari's and others' cases, show that they have no solid concept of what constitutes as harassment nor as abuse.

So we shouldn't pretend to be perfect and most of all shouldn't vilify men for wanting to woo us, the proper way, the traditional way, the way it, dare I say, should be?


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Maura Dudas

Studying Psychology, getting angry about issues on the web, addressing social conundrums concerning humans that surround me. And just pointing out my subjective majestic opinion. :) Film buff, artsy, reader - I do art too @morcika96

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