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Sleeping Beauty

by Rebecca (Beck) 2 months ago in body

"..but you didn't say no."

Sleeping Beauty

Babe, hey I want to do it.

I am not in the mood. I am tired.

You don't have to do anything, just lay there.

No. I don't want to. I just showered. I want to sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

No, not maybe tomorrow. We can do it now and tomorrow. I need this.

Then go watch one of your movies or look at some photos but I am tired.

I could get laid with any girl and I want you. Come on. Please just do this. For me? Don't you love me?

I love you but I am tired. Do you not love me enough to care that I am tired? I am going to sleep. I am the only one working and I worked all week. I worked all day every day of this week. I am off tomorrow night. Can you just go watch a video or look at photos and do it yourself?

Wow. Fine. You can sleep alone then, I am leaving.

What? What are you even talking about? Ya know what I don't even care. I am too tired for sex or fighting. Leave then but you are not taking my car again.

I will put gas in it.

You always say you will put gas in it and then never do and ask me for money for gas and yell at me when I leave the tank empty. I was late to work Tuesday because I had to stop for gas. And again Wednesday. So no. You can call whoever to pick you up, call uber or walk. I don't care but you are not taking my car. I have an appointment in the morning across town. And am broke until next week. The gas that is in it, I need it this weekend.

You are only trying to control me. You are fucking crazy. I am leaving.

Can't wait. Maybe I will finally get some sleep.

*keys clinking* *footsteps across the house* *front door opens and slams shut*



Get off of me. Stop. What are you doing?! I said no.

No, you didn't. You said maybe tomorrow. It's tomorrow.

I was sleeping. How long have you been .....?

Exactly. I didn't want to wake you. You looked so peaceful and sweet. I don't know. Maybe an hour or two. I was scared you were gonna wake up a few times but you just kept sleeping peacefully.

I have told you so many fucking times to stop taking my clothes off and having sex with me when I am sleeping. Can I get my damn clothes back!!?

Your body likes it. Some couples are into that kinda thing. You can't tell me that as a woman, you don't have a rape fantasy.

I AS A WOMAN DO NOT HAVE A RAPE FANTASY!!!! My body does not like it because I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!! I have told you to stop this!! Where are my FUCKING CLOTHES???

Your body likes it. You only don't know it does because you are asleep. You don't say no when you are sleeping. Your body definitely begs for it though.

I hate you so much when you do this. It doesn't feel right.

Oh, come on. I didn't hurt you or rape you. We are a couple. I have a right to your body. And if you're not using it, then I want to. Babe, I love you. I would never hurt you.

I love you too. Will you please just not do it again. Please. I just want to sleep. Can I please just get my clothes? Please.

I won't do it again but can we finish since you are awake now?


You really are a fucking bitch! You must be sleeping with other people. How many dudes is it this time??

I am not cheating. I have been working 15hr shifts every day of the week for months to pay bills, car payments, our phone bill, groceries, daycare, and now therapy.

You should just drop therapy. You will pay someone to talk to them but you won't talk to me? Might as well be cheating.

I can't talk to you. You are mad at me for working. Not working. You are mad when I want to spend time with you. When I want space. The only time you aren't mad is when I am sleeping.

Well, yea cause you don't talk when you are sleeping and you are home.

See. That is why I am in therapy.

So I am the reason you need therapy?

That is not what I just fucking said.

Isn't it though?

OMFG!!!! Just go away. I am too tired for this shit tonight. I have to be up for this appointment in 5hrs. Can we talk later?

Your car is out of gas.

Figures. Who is doing the controlling? Where are you going that you use a full frigging tank of gas in one night???

None of your business.

Get the hell out of my house. You are not on the lease. You don't pay bills. You are abusing me and everything I do.

You are the one abusing anyone. You control me. You cheat. You are never home. You are always pissed at me. You never let me do anything. You aren't supportive. You can file an eviction if you want me out.

Fine. I will.

I am filing a PFA on you. You are crazy and not acting right.

Cause I don't want you inside of me when I am asleep?


Rebecca (Beck)
Rebecca (Beck)
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