She does it better.

"I'm every's only me"🎶🎼

She does it better.

Have you felt like you have been impacted by too many people in your life? That awkward moment you are sure you can’t zero in one person and ascribe your life changing lessons to... .The hero of my story will be all women folk. 💃💃

I'll focus on the biology of the woman. There's a certain time in the month that the woman's body and mind give off a myriad of symptoms. These range from bloatedness to headaches, tender breasts, breakouts, abdominal cramps, irritability, mood swings etc. When you see these signs and if they are familiar enough, you can tell your period is around the corner. Because you need to maintain your functionality and ensure life is not disrupted significantly, you decide to employ pharmacological, natural measures and any other useful lifestyle change. 🤸‍♂‍

This passes and the 'visitor' arrives. For some ladies, the visitor's arrival ushers out the earlier symptoms and all they have to contend with is the bleed. For other ladies, the bleeds are not regular bleeds. They are heavy, painful and prolonged and she has to do what she can to ameliorate that and not go into deficit. 😓For some, it earns a stay in the hospital or at least some days off work.

Then the bleeds stop and measures are still in place to deal with the deficit created by that. Her respite is not in sight as there is another phenomenon around the corner: ovulation. Depending on the individual, this can get dramatic. Sometimes, its arrival mirrors the experience of premenstrual Syndrome sufferers( symptoms listed in second paragraph) bloatedness, abdominal pain, nausea, malaise, headaches may/may not be present. There are measures that could help for this to be a sail through. ⛵⛵

While all these are going on, these ladies have responsibilities of various capacities. Some are wives, girlfriends, aunties, lecturers, team leads, employees, employers, guardians, business owners. Others are CEOs. My point, life demands of them even as their bodies demand of them. Quite a number of them carry on seamlessly. Others may reveal their secrets for relief but still manage to deliver. It’s not too often they abandon their duty posts. 🤘

What of those that are pursuing motherhood; from conception through the months you carry your fetus(es) and then the delivery process. The latter is a different experience for each person and there’s always a story to tell. Then child rearing starts and oh, the challenges of single parenting if you find that’s your lot. A friend once said to me: “koko even as I struggle to get my career in order so I earn well to cater for my family, and we both know that journey is not a straightforward one, I still get home and my son says to me: ‘ mom, we have a class project due in 2 days'. That needs to be done. They don’t know the details of what you have been about all day. Those assignments need to be done. You have got to find a way to deliver.” What of those that nurse sick family members; a spouse, a child? And who tend to need nursing themselves. 🏋️‍♂️😓

Very often, women are not celebrated enough for their adaptability. I agree that some men exist whose lives somewhat mirror the functional complexity of a woman's life but more often than not, this is the norm for most women all over the world than it is for men. Yes, a day in the annual calendar is allocated to celebrate all women in the world but I think women should celebrate themselves daily. This daily celebration is fuel for the journey ahead and besides, who would blow your trumpet louder than you? With all these, some still deny that women have for modesty sake, a masters in management? 🖖 Please, Kid yourself no more. 🥊🥊

Nkeonye Judith IZUKA
Nkeonye Judith IZUKA
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