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Roe v. Wade Was Overturned

Join the fight for reproductive rights.

By KBPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
Picture Courtesy the Greenwich Historical Society/1913 Women's Suffrage Parade

Women are under attack.

People with uteruses are under attack.

The news this morning was more gut-wrenching than it was shocking.

Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

I don’t have answers, but I do have questions.


Don’t republicans want a hands-off government?

Why are they supporting and encouraging lawmakers to keep their hands on my body? On my choices?

What happened to medical autonomy?

Don’t Republicans support private healthcare so they can maintain control of their medical decisions?


That’s all this is.

Another way for men to gain control over women.


It is no longer about “protecting an unborn child,” when fully-grown children are unprotected in schools. Killed in schools.

Just this week, the same government decided to revoke the power of individual states to make gun control laws.

And yet here they are, overturning Roe v. Wade merely days later.

They say they are pro-life, well what about those children in Uvalde?

When will we address the percentage of men who commit these school shootings? What if the majority was instead women, would our gun laws be revoked by now?

What about the 21,000 people who have died since January 1st, 2022 from gun violence?


They say they are pro-life but do they support the death penalty? Some do. Some don’t.

No, it’s not all people. But it’s enough. Enough to need a change; just like it’s “not all men.”

Do the men in my life support me? Absolutely. Do they believe similar things as myself? Mostly.

But when I’m alone on the street at night I have to choose it’s all men to protect myself. If they won’t, I will.


If these babies are born, how do we support them?

The country is going through a baby formula shortage (and a tampon shortage).

200 Republicans voted against the bill to ease this shortage. The bill that could’ve helped families feed their children.

So, you’re forcing more children to be born but won’t ensure their survival following birth? You are choosing for helpless babies to starve rather than enacting a bill that can help them? Feed them?

But no, you’re pro-life, right? You would never contradict yourself.


Are there enough systems in place for adoption services and foster care to take on more children?

In short, no. They are hardly ethical, to begin with.

Are you going to give financial aid to these organizations? Help them stay afloat? Restructure the system?

If not, how will you help mothers raise their babies? Will you force their fathers to raise them too? Oh…wait. You only want to control women. Nevermind.


I thought this country decided it would be secular from religion. What happened to that?

Everyone has different beliefs, different religions, and different cultures. Isn’t that why the country used to be so ‘great?’

So why are you forcing your religious beliefs onto someone else? Onto the lawmakers?

Not to mention the other religions like Judaism that these bans on abortion may undermine.


Will you recognize that overturning this law will hurt marginalized communities?

That banning abortions won’t make them disappear, just more dangerous? Especially for these groups of people?


I scroll on TikTok to see people making jokes that they will be buying The Handmaid’s Tale bonnets.

The punchline is chilling.

When did my world turn into a dystopia?

All I can think about it what’s next?

What will you take away next?

Will you take away my right to contraceptives? Plan-B? My right to marry who I want to? My right to consent? My right to save my own life?

What else will we have to lose?


These countless questions and the jumbled phrases from above only can go so far.

Join the fight for reproductive rights. Here are some ways to get involved:

If you are someone who needs resources, follow the link below:


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