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Rape Apologists List that Needs to Be More Heard

A List

By soph laurenPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
The future is female 

This is a rape apologists list that needs to be more heard.

"Well what was she wearing?"

A women's clothing should NOT give you the urge to force yourself onto her. It's her body and her clothing should not be a distraction to you. Men are topless quite a lot but you don't see a woman forcing herself onto him and saying "He was topless what did you expect?" So what's the difference if a girl wore a crop top or a low shirt?

"But they're dating/had sex before."

If someone is dating another person, do you think all they do is have sex? Not all relationships are based on sex. He/She could still be a virgin while they're dating and a rapist shouldn't take that "chance" from them.

If they have had sex before it doesn't mean they will want it again so just listen to the word "NO" when it's been used.

"She's such a tease."

How can she be a tease? While dancing? Walking? A woman having fun or being herself shouldn't make you sexually assault her.

"All men want sex, don't be such a pussy."

To be honest, not all men want sex. Some men actually want a real relationship with someone and not have sex, some men want to wait until the girl is ready.

"Guy's can't get raped."

This fact is false. Anyone can get sexually assaulted. A guy or a girl can force themselves onto another boy because not all boys were born strong and the rapist is probably stronger.

"What did she expect walking around at night?"

Maybe she didn't have money for a taxi? Maybe her friends left without her? Maybe she wanted to walk home and get fresh air? Just because a girl walks alone late at night it still doesn't give you the right to assault her just because "she's a girl and she's alone."

"Get over it, it's not THAT big of a deal."

Sorry, but if a boy/girl got sexually assaulted how can you make them forget about it? A rapist has pretty much destroyed their lives and making them lose trust in anyone again.

"She shouldn't lead him on then."

You might think the girl wants to go further than a kiss but maybe she wants to just get comfy and sit on the boy's lap? How can that be leading a boy on? Maybe the boy/girl should understand the word "NO."

"But this will ruin the rapist's life/reputation."

That rapist destroyed their own reputation by committing a crime so they shouldn't blame the victim for the crime they did. It will be the rapist's fault if they go to prison for what they did.

"Men are strong, if he didn't want it he would have fought back."

If a woman forces herself onto the boy maybe he doesn't want to fight back because it's assault.

If a boy forces himself onto the boy maybe the rapist is much stronger than the boy so he can't fight back? Maybe he was drunk/spiked so he doesn't have the energy to fight back.

"Her fault for getting drunk."

Some girls like getting drunk because it's a way of having fun with friends. Rapists must think just because it's a girl that's drunk they suddenly think "I want to take her home and give her some of this." I don't think a girl wants to sober up and see what's happening to her.


How can men and women ask for it? I don't think anyone would ask to be raped. Don't blame their clothes, their flirting, or them being drunk.

"Men can't always control their urges."

Not all men have the "urge" to sexually assault someone unless they wanted to be stupid and disgusting. Men have other ways to pleasure themselves.

"She's just saying that because she regrets it."

If she said "NO" and the rapist heard her but carried on then it's rape, that's not her "just saying it" because it actually happened to her. Her only regret will be letting the boy into her life after it happened.

"How can a woman even rape a guy?"

The same way a man rapes a woman just the other way round. Some women can easily knock a boy out conscious or spike his drink and easily force herself onto him.


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